Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Top 5 FFS procedures to make you look more feminine

With the popularity of FFS procedures continuing to rise, it only makes sense for anyone interested to research more on the surgeries.

Reading a lot of information online can be beneficial but having too much information on anything will leave you indecisive.

The goal of having FFS procedures is to make you look more feminine, but how invasive of a surgery you need depends on what type of look you are going for. (Both CIS women and MTF transgender women can have FFS).

To narrow it down, we will focus on the top 5 surgeries that give the best results for FFS.

1. V-line surgery

V-line surgery is a combination of mandible angle reduction and chin genioplasty surgeries. The mandible angle reduction reduces an angular jaw bone, creating a softer, feminine facial contour.

A common misconception is that the surgeon operates using the same techniques on all patients, but as with every surgery, it is customized according to the individual’s facial proportion and their desired aesthetic.

So you can have natural results or more “dramatic” results based on your ideal look.

This surgery really alters the facial proportion and makes the face very feminine.

2. Rhinoplasty

A masculine nose is quite large and the nose bridge is prominent. Rhinoplasty is a procedure most FFS patients have to undergo in order to match their nose to their new jaw shape.

If someone already has a small jaw and chin, but the nose quite prominent, getting rhinoplasty will soften the features.

3. Forehead reduction surgery

There are many differences between the male and female forehead and brow bone area. In some cases, a masculine forehead can make the whole face look quite masculine even if the rest of the features look feminine.

A feminine looking forehead is rounded, with a soft roundish hairline. A forehead reduction surgery will bring the hairline lower and change the shape to match with the rest of the facial features.

If the brow bone is too prominent, addition fat graft can be added 3 months after the forehead reduction surgery.

4. Cheekbone reduction surgery

Western beauty standards celebrate prominent cheekbones. Whereas on some women, it looks beautiful, for others, it makes the face appear wider than it is. 

Cheekbone surgery is used to reduce the protrusion of the cheekbone hereby making the face look slimmer.

5. Fat graft

For many, fat graft looks like a win-win situation.

Removing excess fat from your own body and placing it on your face sounds like a good deal.
The amount of fat removed is not a lot though. The fat is taken from the abdomen area or thigh and purified and inserted into the desired areas.

Fat graft is a surgery that anyone can benefit from whether male or female, young or old. The lost volume is replaced, making you look younger and vibrant.

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