Monday, November 11, 2019

Transgender Cluam Sutherland and her facial feminization story in ID Hospital

Before surgery

As a transgender woman I’ve always known that someday I would need to undergo plastic surgery to enhance my facial features. Thankfully, I came across ID Hospital and its amazing facial feminization before / after results. They seemed very experienced and reputable in the surgical field for years so I finally made the exhilarating decision to go forth with plastic surgery at ID Hospital. My main and only goal was to get more feminine look, so I entrusted my face to ID’s surgeons.


My facial feminisation surgery consisted of 4 procedures  under 1 operation at ID Hospital. Dr. Chi Young Bang was my rhinoplasty surgeon. I had many concerns for how I didn’t want my rhinoplasty to appear, but little understanding of how I’d like for my result to be. Dr. Chi Young Bang guided me throughout the consultation, explaining in detail his vision in feminising my nose and agreeing with my concerns, for example, I did not want my nose upturned to reveal my nostrils, to which he understood and assured me that would not be the case - I was so impressed with the consultation. Dr. Chi Young Bang’s level of understanding, care and professionalism continued through to my last check-up.

Dr. Kyung Min Lee performed my fat grafting surgery, whereby fat was removed from my thighs and moulded on my face for a super cute and feminine appearance. My facial structure was previously sunken, deathly and strongly defined - making my appearance aggressively masculine with a hard life written across my face. Dr. Kyung Min Lee heard both the concerns and wishes I had for the final result of the procedure, he elaborated on the surgical plan and the intended results in being both most feminine and bringing a softer appearance overall. I am still so very impressed with how well-spoken, understanding and comprehensive Dr. Kyung Min Lee is as a doctor and his surgical results truly follow suit.

The final procedures I had were v-line jaw contouring and forehead reduction. I believe these procedures have a partnership in feminising the facial structure overall.

After surgery

A friend told me before going into surgery “everyone deserves a nose job” and I laughed, now that I’m post-op I couldn’t agree more; rhinoplasties are a medical gift that can completely change your outlook in life for the better. My nose is now slimmer, lighter, adorable and moulds my face into a feminine swoop. Everyone compliments my new nose and I’m finally proud to share my side profile at every chance I get.

facial feminization surgery in korea before after

As for fat graft result,  I absolutely adore the curve to my forehead side profile, the apples of my cheeks are perfectly chubby and the sharpness of my cheekbones are much more softened. The second benefit is my thighs are also now slimmer and tighter where the fat was removed. I love fat grafting!

forehead fat graft in korea

Jaw line and forehead reduction: The result of a shorter, rounded forehead paired with a light, soft and smooth jawline has my whole head appearing so much smaller, maybe even tiny! Considering I really do have a huge head, this result has amazed me! My jawline is frequently complimented without me even making mention of recently having surgical work, a very welcome change to the negative reactions I received from my previous jawline to which resembled a dustpan. The forehead reduction has relieved the most dysphoric and uncomfortable feelings I was having toward my facial appearance. The incisional scar grows fainter every day, making me fall in love over and over again with the result; reassuring the decision I made to have this procedure.

transgender facial feminization before after

6 months out of surgery from ID Hospital, I could not be happier with the results I’m seeing, my heart has grown so full and my outlook on life has swayed forever for the better. Cosmetic surgery is of course majorly invasive, it takes time in recovery to heal so at this near early post-op stage nothing is final, although I am only progressing further toward the final result daily and I love every reveal my new features have to share. Thank you to my Doctors, anaesthesiologists, nurses and all the lovely ID staff - your jobs aren’t only providing or assisting cosmetic surgery but improving the lives of other people forever.

transgender facial feminization in korea before after id hospital

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Monday, November 4, 2019

K pop idols plastic surgery: which Korean celebrities had plastic surgery done?

K pop idols plastic surgery: which Korean celebrities had plastic surgery done?

K pop idols plastic surgery is becoming a more popular issue as Korean wave is spreading around the world. Even though plastic surgery is a common thing in South Korea most of popular singer and actors try to hide that they had some work done. However, there are few idols who publically admitted the fact of getting cosmetic procedures to enhance their beauty.
1. Jessie – eyes, nose, breast
Post image
Jessie before after plastic surgery
Jessie is a Korean-American rapper, singer, and songwriter. She talked about her plastic surgery when she was on the television show ‘Unnie’s Slamdunk’ and later on the program ‘MBC Radio Star”. She admitted that she had her eyes and nose fixed, and also underwent breast augmentation.

2. Kyuhyun (Super Junior) – eyes
Post image
Kyuhyun before / after plastic surgery
A member of the veteran k pop group Super Junior Kyuhyun confessed on Radio Star that both his parents had double eyelids and he did not, so he decided to get the double eyelid surgery.

3. Minzy (2NE1) – nose
Post image
Minzy before after plastic surgery
A world-wide known 2NE1 group’s member Minzy confirmed that she had plastic surgery on her nose for rhinitis. She had suffered from rhinitis for a long time, and she had surgery to straighten her nose for functional purposes which has also led to changing the nose shape.

4. Yunho (TVXQ!) – braces
Post image
Yunho before after plastic surgery
Braces are also considered a cosmetic procedure. During a live broadcast, Yunho, a member of TVXQ, admitted that he only had one cosmetic procedure – braces – to fix his teeth.

5. JooE (MOMOLAND) – Nose
Post image
JooE before after plastic surgery
A k pop group Momoland has gained popularity rapidly. One of its members, JooE, revealed that she had had rhinoplasty with an ear cartilage to change her nose.
6. Hyorin (Sistar) – eyes

Post image
Hyorin before after plastic surgery
Another famous female idol, Hyorin from girl group Sistar, talked about her eyelid surgery on MBC talk show Radio Star. She admitted that she had eyelid surgery and also mentioned that she didn’t mind a revision.
7. Park Bom (2NE1)
Post image
Park Bom before after plastic surgery
When you talk about K pop idols plastic surgery you can’t miss Park Bom. A former member of 2NE1 has had several plastic surgeries since her debut.
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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Fashion blogger Kerina Wang and her real selfie after plastic surgery in ID Hospital

Before surgery

My name is Kerina Wang and I came to Korea from Canada.  I did not like her wide and saggy nose. I also wanted to make my eyes bigger and to add volume on flat and sunken areas on  my face.
ID Hospital has arranged everything: surgery and consultation schedule, recovery treatments, hotel room and cab ride. There was also a free shuttle bus from the hotel to the hospital, so it was very convenient.


Dr. Bang Chi Young performed my surgeries. During the consultation he measured my eyes and examined my nose. I wanted ptosis correction to lift my eyes up, but in the end we decided not to go with it because of my eyes shape and do canthoplasty instead. As for nose shape, I wanted sharp tip, alar reduction and higher bridge. Dr. Bang suggested fat graft on my forehead to achieve better facial balance and fat graft under eyes to fill sunken area.

I got all pre-op instructions from the consultant. On the next day I took pre-surgery pictures, changed the clothes, doctor went over the surgery plan one more time and drew the design. I emphasized I wanted everything to look natural and I’m really happy that Dr. Bang understood my concerns. In the end I decided to get rhinoplasty, lateral canthoplasty, latheral hotz and fat graft.

1 week after

asian rhinoplasty korea recovery

During the first week my nose was completely blocked, but besides that I felt really fine. It looked terrible but I didn’t feel a single pain. I was allowed to eat everything as my surgeries didn’t require any special diet. Sleeping was a little difficult too, so I had to adjust to mouth breathing. When I got the cast and stitches removed on the 7th day after the surgery my nose looked bulbous because of the swelling, but I felt amazing and happy.

2 months after

asian rhinoplasty alar reduction before after korea

Swelling has gone significantly during next 2 months. My face looks 3 dimensional especially with the forehead fat graft and higher bridge and tip. I want to thank ID Hospital for doing such an amazing job because I love it and I can’t want to see my final result after the swelling goes down.

asian rhinoplasty id hospital before after kerina wang

kerina wang id hospital

Monday, October 28, 2019

Plastic surgery recovery: post op home care instructions

Post op home care during plastic surgery recovery is as important as surgery itself. Patient should take recovery period seriously to maximize surgery result and avoid inflammation, infections and other side effects.

1. Plastic surgery recovery tips for eyes

double eyelid plastic surgery recovery

Using the mirror check the surgical area. Prepare saline solution and a cotton swab. Soak the cotton swab in the solution. Disinfect the area with the soaked swab. Be as soft as possible when touching the eye with swabs! Apply a small amount of ointment from inside to outside.

⚠️Caution: do not rub your eyes

2. Plastic surgery recovery tips for nose

rhinoplasty plastic surgery recovery

Prepare saline solution and a cotton swab. Soak the cotton swab in the solution. Disinfect the area with the soaked swab. Apply a small amount of ointment (use not more than a half of the cotton swab).

⚠️Caution: never try to remove nose cast by yourself

3. Face cleansing

You can use wet tissue to clean your face. Use tissue gently and don’t push too much.

4. Gargling

What you need: mouth wash

Prepare mouthwash and get ready to clean your mouth. Fill mouth with adequate amount of mouthwash. Press lips with both hands not to let any liquid escape from the mouth. Hitting all corners of the mouth gargle for at least 30 seconds once every 2 hours.

plastic surgery recovery v line gargling

⚠️Caution: don’t use Listerine instead of a disinfecting mouthwash. Use mouthwash recommended by clinic’s staff.

5. Brushing teeth 

Avoid touching areas from procedure and only brush the teeth. Carefully follow both brushing and gargling procedures.

6. Wafers cleaning

Keep the wafers on the palm of your hand.

⚠️Caution: never disinfect wafers with boiling water. It may lead to changing wafer’s shape

Other advises:

- Hot / ice packs
Use ice packs for the first 4 days after the surgery, then switch to hot packs. If you had fat graft or face lifting, don’t use any of them.

- Pain killers
It’s allowed to take prescribed pain killers such as Tylenol. Check the dosage with your surgeon.

- Swelling
The major swelling takes up to 1 or 2 months. Light stroll and walking will help you to reduce it.

- Washing hair
If you have stitches in your scalp don’t wash your hair by yourself. It may cause swelling and inflammation.

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Friday, October 25, 2019

Kitiana from USA enhanced her beauty after V line, V3 lifting and forehead reduction

Before surgery

id hospital v line before

I’m Kitiana from USA. I was chosen as ID Model 2019 and had surgery back in 2019. I had V line, forehead reduction and lifting. I chose I because they are the most well-known plastic surgery clinic in Korea.

Consultation day

The surgeons have such skill in plastic surgery they knew what I was looking for before I even voiced it. Super impressive, as well as can explain everything in detail, come up with effective alternatives & money saving suggestions. Dr. Lim Jong Woo did my V line and forehead reduction , Dr. Kwon Ju Yong did my V3 lifting.

After surgery

v line v3 lifting forehead reduction recovery before after

The pain was bearable. The first couple hours after the surgery, you are in pain however after that it is bearable. I had pain killers prescribed so I didn’t really feel much pain on wards. It’s just mainly discomfort from swelling. the hospital staff really took good care of me. After the surgery, I felt very nauseated because of the anesthesia, but when I informed the staff, they allowed me to stay another night at the hospital and showed me ways to get rid of the nauseated feeling such as teaching me breathing exercise. The first week was difficult because I couldn’t really eat normal food; I mainly just had porridge and juice.

id hospital v line v3 lifting forehead reduction before after

All in all I am more than satisfied. The way they did the surgery was very tasteful. I got just the right amount of feminine touch that I needed. I really love it.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Kristen Lanae had V line, V3 lifting and under eye fat repositioning

Before surgery

kristen lanae before plastic surgery

I'm Kristen and I'm a cosplayer from the US. I have started to think about surgeries around 1 year ago. I didn’t like my under eyes dark circles and jaw shape, so I decided to get V line and V3 lifting to make more defined and tight jaw line and under eye fat graft for a freshier, less tired look.


korea plastic surgery consultation

The surgeon for all of my 3 surgeries was dr. Lee Kyung Min. I can't rave enough about him.  He really understood what I wanted as far as aesthetic goals go. I really admire that he didn't try to force a cookie cutter look on me that you would get at a lot of other clinics in SK. He understood that I was from the US and beauty standards are different. He also spoke English very well!

After surgery

korean v line recovery before after

The first 7 hours are the hardest recovery wise but ID took good care of me. I have followed all the post op instructions to a T and have been healing wonderfully. At 1 week post op I was already eating solid foods again. I am now 6 weeks and all bruising is gone and I only have a small bit of swelling left. Everything looks great already and is exactly what I wanted!

id hospital before after kristen lanae

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

An American cosplayer Kupo Vannie got her rhinoplasty and V line in ID Hospital

Before surgery

I am a cosplayer from the US. I’ve been thinking of having rhinoplasty and facial contouring surgery for 5-6 years before deciding to go to Korea. After extensive research I decided that ID Hospital is the place to be because they have specialized surgeons.

plastic surgery in korea kupo vannie

I wanted to change my bulbous tip to make it more thin and to make my wide nostrils more defined. I also wanted a higher nose bridge as it was very flat. As for facial contouring I wanted V line surgery for a more defined chin and slimmer jaw line.

Consultation day

id hospital kupo vannie consultation

I had consultation with dr Lim for V line and dr Song for rhinoplasty. I showed my desirable results on the pictures that I brought. The consultation was very detailed, and my surgeons reconfirmed the shape of the nose and jaw that I wanted.

After surgery

recovery for rhinoplasty and v line korea

I did research before the surgery so I knew that the first days would be very tough. However when I got a rhinoplasty cast removed the first thing I noticed was that my nose bridge got a lot higher and even though it was very swollen I could see a huge difference. I checked in with both of my surgeons, saw my X rays and I loved my results. The recovery was more uncomfortable than painful, but it all was worth it.

rhinoplasty and v line before after id hospital