Friday, December 6, 2019

Japanese patient had orthognathic surgery, V line surgery, cheekbone reduction and ptosis correction in ID Hospital, Korea

Before surgery 

I came from Japan to Korea to fix my facial asymmetry. ID Hospital is very well-known in Japan as one of the best clinic for facial bone surgeries. I wanted to fix my jaw asymmetry and protrusion, and get a V line surgery  for a more dramatic effect. In the end I've decided to undergo cheekbone reduction as well. As for my eyes, I was recommended to get a ptosis correction to make them look bigger and get rid of "sleepy" eyes.

After surgery

1 week after surgery

The swelling after facial hone surgeries is normal, and I wasn't surprised when my face looked roumd after 1 week. The prosis correction effect, however, was seen right away. The incision line was swollen, but my eyes definitely looked better than before.

I was also really happy that my face felt smaller. I used hot and ice packs provided by ID Hospital so the swelling could go down faster. I also applied bruising cream.

3 weeks after surgery

The diet after orthognathic and V line surgeries is really strict, so I was mostly eating soft food.  It's hard to follow it, so I was really looking into eating something more delicious once I heal.

1 month after surgery

During 1 month the swelling was gradually going down. I was really happy because the people around me told me that my face looked smaller. I touched my face all the time because I couldn't believe it. The jaw line was very smooth and it was first time in my life when I started enjoying taking pictures!

3 months after surgery

At this point I could eat almost the same food as before the surgery, except for thick meat. The major swelling has mostly disappeared, and I loved my elegant V line shape.

5 months after surgery

After around half a year I could bite hard food, so I had no inconvenience with the food. The result both on the jaw and eyes looked so natural, that I almost forgot that I had a surgery haha.

I truly emjoyed every moment. My eyes looked much bigger and more defined, and my face looked slim and pretty.

1 year after surgery

It's been 1 year after the surgery. I can't express how much grateful I am to ID Hospital and to my doctor Lee Tae Seong. ID Hospital medical staff and coordinators took care of me from the beginning till full recovery. I'm sure that my swelling went down so fast thanks to ID Hospital post op care treatments and care.

The thing I like the most is that it looks natural, just like I wanted! Amazing work! I'm really happy!

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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

ID Hospital "Outstanding Medical Travel Facilitator" award

Medical tourism in Korea attracts more and more foreign patients every year. Korea offers best medical technologies and competency in various treatments and procedures, especially in plastic surgery field.
Korean government has a strict regulation over the hospitals and clinics to ensure the optimum medical services for both Korean and foreign patients. In October 2019 Korean Ministry of Justice chose ID Hospital as an Outstanding Medical Travel Facilitator. 
What is a Medical Travel Facilitator?

A Medical Travel Facilitator is a hospital certified by government or medical tourism organization. Medical Tourism Facilitators provide various services to foreign patients in order to make their medical tourism process smooth.
The standard services include providing price quotes online, arranging consultation and payment processes, providing translation, medical check up and other medical services, following up with patients after they return to their home country, etc.

Why choosing ID Hospital for medical tourism in Korea? 

ID Hospital is an approved hospital for medical tourism in Korea. It is the only plastic surgery hospital in Korea certified by Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare. It means that ID Hospital meets all strict National Accreditation Standards in Healthcare service, high quality and patient’s safety system such as following international disinfection standard, proceeding comprehensive medical testing system and post-surgery intensive recovery program.
Moreover, as an Outstanding Medical Travel Facilitator, ID Hospital offers various services specially for foreign visitors to make their medical tourism in Korea smooth and hassle free. For example, ID Hospital provides services like free online and face-to-face consultations, comprehensive medical examinations, 10 languages in-house translators and post surgery deswelling care treatments. 

We are thankful for the all support we get from our international visitors.
If you have any questions, please contact us online via our channels. We are happy to assist you, and our consultation is always free of charge.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Liposuction in ID Hospital, Korea: the review of Indonesian blogger

Before the surgery

Before deciding to get a liposuction I was trying to lose weight really hard. I went to gym to work out with a personal trainer 3-6 times a week, I went hiking, I counted each calorie intake but I couldn’t get the result I wanted. After I decided to get a liposuction I thought of going to Korea. I knew that the surgery is risky, but so is any other plastic surgery procedure. The stubborn fat didn’t disappear, so I went to ID Hospital for a surgery.


Before consulting with a doctor I was guided to change the clothes and measure my weight and body. Then I mean my consultant and doctor. Dr. Seung Il Oh was very nice and knowledgeable. At first I wanted to get double chin liposuction too, but he assured me that in my case there wouldn’t be much difference. He also showed me the detailed surgical plan and explained how much of fat cc would be extracted from each area.

The next day was my surgery day!  I got a blood pressure and temperature checked  just to make sure I was healthy. I brushed my teeth, cleaned my face and was ready for a surgery.

After the surgery

Surprisingly I didn’t feel any pain after the surgery, it was just some inconvenience because of the compression garment and I felt weak and dizzy, but it was better than I expected. I met dr. Oh, and he said that I got 6 000 cc of fat extracted, even more, that supposed to be, so I was really excited for the results.

The nurses cleaned the incision areas from blood and fluid and helped me to wear my clothes when I was discharged. I had to take antibiotics and medicine for the bruises and swelling, and I also got face masks from ID Hospital and was taught how to wear a compression garment.

The post op care treatment was fantastic. ID Hospital provided laser treatments and mask packs for the body to speed up recovery, deswelling and reduce bruises and scarring. I also met doctor several times for post surgery check up.

I had to wear a compression garment for a 24 hours during first month and 12 hours a day after 1 month. I was really happy to change my clothes size from L/M to XS. The result was obviously amazing.

I am very happy that I was in good hands for this kind of surgery, and everything went smooth. The first 3-4 days were the hardest, but apart from that the recovery process wasn't hard. Now I enjoy my new body and totally recommend ID Hospital for liposuction.


You can watch Chea's full experience on Youtube chanel:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Friday, November 22, 2019

ID Hospital SMAS lift VS other clinic's lifting: why SMAS lift is better?

   When people are middle-aged, they get concerned about their wrinkles. Nasolabial and other facial wrinkles definitely make one look older and cause insecurities and even depression. The best example of solution among various lifting methods for middle-aged people is face lifting. Face lifting is a procedure that pulls and fixes the sagging skin through the incision on the hairline. A patient can expect a dramatic wrinkles improvement, restored V line facial shape and skin lifting from the neck to the eyes.
   However, face lifting recovery includes not very aesthetically pleasing side effects like scarring from incision, swelling, bruising and etc. The right surgical method can minimize these factors.
ID Hospital offers a Non-incision SMAS lift for this case.

   Unlike the general facelift, ID Hospital Non-incision SMAS lift is a special surgical technique with a 1 centimeter incision on the hairline. Since the incision is small and enough to attach the surgical site to the band, a patient can use shampoo, do make up and come back to the daily life on the next day after the surgery.
   In addition, there is no swelling or bruises, so the patient won’t need a long time off for recovery. The effect is seen on the next day after the surgery, so this procedure is especially popular among office workers or elderly people whose main concern is wrinkles.
   Non-incision SMAS Lift fixes each soft tissue layer (skin layer, fat layer, muscle layer), including the skin layer that causes sagging skin. SMAS lift effectively pulls the sagging jawline skin up for a V-line lifting effect, but there are less side effects and recovery time comparing to the alternative lifting procedures.
   Moreover, face lift recovery period and the incision site is different, so the surgeon needs to take into consideration patient's skin condition, skin type, etc. A surgeon with a rich clinical experience should operate in a place equipped with up-to-date medical equipment.

 Article by Dr. Jang Woo Seok,
ID Hospital board-certified plastic surgeon

Read real patient's SMAS lift story and interview:

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Monday, November 18, 2019

How to choose the right surgeon for your double jaw surgery in Korea

If you have an external or functional problem due to asymmetry of the jaw, you can consider orthognathic surgery, also known as double jaw surgery. Double jaw surgery is an operation of the upper and lower jaw. It is an operation that artificially separates and rearranges the facial bone where the nerve is located.

double jaw surgery

Since double jaw surgery was first introduced in Korea, several surgical procedures have advanced. Once the bones have been through osteotomy, it cannot be reverted to the original form and re operation is a financial burden, so it is important to choose the right surgery according to the characteristics of each individual.

‘Skip the braces if teeth are aligned’
If occlusion is not a problem, but jaw surgery is necessary, orthodontic is not required. The generic double jaw surgery involves orthodontic treatment before or after surgery to ensure that the jawbone is in the correct position. However in recent years, orthodontic treatment can be omitted depending on symptoms, thereby minimizing inconvenience and financial burden. More precise decisions are made after a careful consultation and diagnosis with a specialist.

‘Skip jaw wiring if you have a nasal problem or difficulty in nasal breathing’
If you are having difficulty breathing due to a nasal disease, you can omit jaw wiring. Jaw wiring is a jaw fixation method of tying the upper and lower teeth with wires or bands to secure the jawbone so it doesn’t move after surgery. However, this can cause airway obstruction, so for cases like this, it is possible to omit the fixation.

Alarm activated when surgical tool is approaching the nerve’
double jaw surgery navigation machineNeuronal damage has always been a risk of double jaw surgery. Neurons are nerve cells that transmit nerve signals to and from the brain. However, it is difficult to check them with the eyes during the operation, so it is very tough to rely only on the equipment and the hand technique of the doctor.
Navigation double jaw machine can detect each patient’s position of nerve, and an alarm is activated when surgical tool is approaching near the nerve to prevent damage. In addition, a live surgical scene can be monitored and progressed, reducing even the smallest error of the planned osteotomy.

double jaw surgery id hospital

Double jaw surgery is a procedure that can be performed only by specialists with accumulated clinical experience and skills. If you are considering double jaw surgery for asymmetry or lantern jaw correction, you should research in advance on the surgery method the hospital pursues, type of surgery they offer, experience and ability of medical staff, and establishment of safety system.

Article by Tae Sung Lee M.D., ID hospital (board-certified plastic surgeon)

Thursday, November 14, 2019

ID Hospital Petit Center guide: Korean skin injection

Korea is famous not only for major plastic surgeries, but also for Korean skin injection, fillers and other skin treatments. Here are some Korean skin injections you didn’t know about.


  • id 4 Facial contouring 

This is a special Korean skin injection combination patented by id Hospital. It includes 4 steps: facial contouring injection, double chin injection, jaw botox and chin filler. It helps to achieve facial contouring result without bone resection.

  • "Around" injection 

This special Korean skin injection is for cheekbone reduction effect. It helps to reduce cheekbone’s size and create a softer facial image.

  • Lip filtox
We all know about lip fillers, but have you thought of combining it with lip corner lift? id Hospital Lip filtox injection creates a lovely lip shape and full sexy lips.

  • Dark circle filler 
This amazing Korean skin injection filler helps to improve dark circles as well as bringing lifting effect. The formula is patented by id Beauty Plex.

  • Nasolabial folds filler 
Nasolabial folds are the most obvious sign of aging. The easiest and fastest solution is nasolabial fold filler that can fill the sunken areas and restore a youthful look.

  • Yvoire long lasting filler 
Yvoire is a long lasting and safe Korean filler applicable to any part of the face. It’s famous for containing PLLA ingredient that stimulates collagen production and natural effect.

  • Skin lifting lasers 
Skin laser is another option for enhancing one’s beauty. ID Dermatology offers local Shurink laser, Ulthera and Thermage for the best skin lifting effect and care.

  • Upper shoulder Balerine botox 
A botox treatment that is injected in shoulder in order to reduce shoulder muscles and create an elegant shoulder line.

  • HighKo filler 
HighCo is a procedure that makes the dimension to the bridge of nose with filler and corrects the tip of nose with PDO thread which is Polydixanone. HighCo can help one to achieve more voluminous nose bridge and sharper nose tip. It is an upgraded version of Korean skin injection that corrects tip and nose line.

  • Fat melting injection
The fat melting injection is injected in the dermis and epidermis and helps with lipolysis (breakdown of fat cells) and skin elasticity. This injection gets rid of the excess fat in the jaw area and double chin. It is an excellent product for creating a defined facial contour without having surgery.
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