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Forehead Reduction Surgery Review

ID Hospital Forehead Reduction surgery review 

Cherry is a broadcaster. She decided to have surgery because she didn't like the way she looked on screen. We had a chance to interview her after the surgery and she shared some personal hardships she experienced because of her looks. She also talks about how her forehead reduction surgery really changed her life. Continue reading to find out what she's been up to since surgery! 

Before/after  forehead reduction surgery 

ID Hospital: Hello Cherry! Great to see you again. Could you please tell our viewers what surgeries you had at ID hospital?
Cherry: Thank you ID hospital! It's great to be back. I had v-line surgery, zygoma reduction, rhinoplasty, double eyelid and ptosis correction surgery, fat grafting and forehead reduction surgery.

Before the surgery 

ID Hospital: How have you been after the surgery?
Cherry: After my forehead reduction surgery, I’ve been participating in official broadcasting channels but also been working hard on my personal channel as well.

ID Hospital: What made you decide to have surgery?
Cherry: Before being on the media, my forehead wasn’t a huge problem for me. But after I started my media career, I realized more and more that appearance is very important in this industry. But out of all my features, my forehead was my biggest insecurity. When I would see my face on screen, my unsymmetrical facial structure and bumpy forehead line was always bugging me so I decided to have surgery.

Before/after forehead reduction in ID Hospital

ID Hospital: What were some difficulties you experienced before the surgery?
Cherry: Before my forehead reduction surgery, I always wore my bangs down. I would always try to hide my forehead with my bags, so I couldn’t really concentrate on streaming. Even my viewers would notice that I was stressing out on my bangs, so they would also point it out. My viewers would tell me that I look like Wong Fei-Hung (a famous Chinese martial artist who also has a large forehead). Because my wide forehead has been my biggest insecurity, those words would hit me hard. That's when I would realize that I really wanted to get forehead reduction surgery. 


ID Hospital: What is your favorite thing that has improved after forehead reduction surgery?
Cherry: I really like how I don’t need to concentrate on my bangs to cover my forehead anymore. My insecurities on my forehead has improved so I can be more confident on screen. I also feel like my viewers also prefer my new confident self rather than my old insecure self. They have been supportive of me.
Cherry during broadcasting

What do you hear most after surgery?
Cherry: After surgery, every time I broadcast, I would get many comments from people saying that I’m beautiful and that I look like a celebrity, so I feel really great haha 

ID Hospital: What are your future plans?
Cherry: I would like to work harder and widen my field on my broadcasting career. I’d also love to collaborate with other broadcasters if I get the opportunity.

ID Hospital: Any last words you’d like to say?
Cherry: I asked my surgeon to make my results as natural as possible and he really did give me the most natural results. I’m so thankful and grateful every day!

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Friday, June 28, 2019

Korean skin care treatments in ID Hospital

Korean skin care treatment in ID hospital

Korean skin care treatments are now getting essential for everyday skin care routine all over the world. 
However skin care products might keep your skin moisturized and clean, but they won’t help dramatically to lift,
 tighten or brighten the skin.
We would like to introduce TOP 3 Korean skin care treatments in ID Hospital that will help you to achieve 
glowing skin with minimal pain and fast effect.
  •  - ID specialists are full members of Korean and
  •  international professional associations for dermatologists 
  • (ex. Korean Association of Antiaging Medicine, 
  • International Association of Aesthetic and Antiaging 
  • Medicine, Korean Aesthetic Surgery & Laser Society)

  • - ID is chosen by Korean K-pop celebrities

  • - ID offers safe and effective skin care treatments for 
  • different cases and needs



Non invasive lifting

Have you started to worry about saggy skin, but you are afraid of invasive face lifting? 
Ulthera Quattro is your beauty solution.
In only 30 minutes HIFU (Hight Intensity Focused Ultrasound) technology helps to regenerate the body’s
 collagen production under the skin by using the heat created by high-intensity ultrasound energy.
This type of Korean skin care treatment is recommended if you don’t want to undergo surgical lifting, but 
need to lift up the skin on cheeks, cheekbones or nasolabial lines. One more plus: no swelling or redness.


Lifting + Tightening Combo

ID has developed a special Korean skin care treatment for those who think that lifting only is not enough.
AIR ULTHERMAGE Treatment includes combination of 3 lasers:
Ulthera Quatro (strong lifting) + Air Jet (skin lifting) + ID Thermage CPT (Strong Tightening Treatment).
This skin care treatment is a lifting and tightening solution for more effective skin care. 3 lasers actively solve 
epidermis, dermis, hypodermic tissue problems at once in only 30 minutes.


Ideal Skin Tone

Korea has one of the most advanced technologies when it comes to skin brightening.

 ID’s Skin Brightening Program includes various injections that improve not only whitening, but also help to 
achieve the ideal skin tone.
ID’s BRIGHTENING SKIN CARE treatments are done by lasers and/or injections depending on the patient’s goal:
SKIN TONE: Pigmentation, freckle, scar (done by Revlite, l2PL, CO2)
GLAMOUR: Blood vessel, redness (Vantage)
SKIN TEXTURE: Elasticity, pores (Thermage CPT, Air jet)
GLOW: Water glow, Honey glow (Ermes, Genesis, Aqua injection)

Korean skin care treatments offered by ID are proceeded with minimal pain and fast effect through analyzing 
skin condition and applying laser to the needed area. Mixed technologies solve various problems in a short time,
 and depending on the energy control, treatment time, treatment areas and functions we can adjust the laser in 
the way our patients want.
After the laser treatment ID’s Dermatology offers additional skin care to fix dryness and speed up skin regeneration after laser.

Friday, June 21, 2019

ID Hospital review: Xiomary interview (PART 2)

Xiomary from Puerto Rico came to get plastic surgery in Korea. Here is her second interview about her experience at ID hospital, surgeries she has got and her opinion on results 3 months after surgeries.
ID Hospital: What surgeries did you have?
Xiomary: I had v-line, forehead reduction, full face fat grafting, v3 thread lift and under eye fat repositioning.
ID Hospital: Why did you decide to have these surgeries?
Xiomary: Ever since I was little, I was very insecure about my jaw. Every time I move my face I could see that the features I had were too strong for my image. My forehead was also quite large so I really wanted to improve the feature to be more confident in myself.
ID Hospital: Now that it’s been 3 months post-surgery, are you satisfied with your results so far?
Xiomary: I’m very satisfied. I feel like I still look like myself but a way better version!
ID Hospital: How was the healing process?
Xiomary: The healing process for me was quite fast. After the surgery I couldn’t really feel anything (pain), the only thing that bothered me was how my eyes were so dry right after the surgery, but it makes sense because during surgery they had to keep them open for quite some time. But after two days, they were fine again.
ID Hospital: Did you have any difficulties during your healing process?
Xiomary: Not really. The only difficulty was the fact that I was on a liquid diet for the first two days because I love eating haha
ID Hospital: Was it hard to get back on your feet after the surgery?
Xiomary: No not really, I was able to walk around and use the washroom freely. I recommend you to walk around a lot to get the blood circulation going as it helps with de-swelling.
ID Hospital: Do you think getting the surgeries was a good decision for you?
Xiomary: I think it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I am more confident than ever. I’m very happy with the results.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Facial contouring after care in ID Hospital

Facial contouring after care

   Surgery result depends on various factors including comprehensive pre surgery medical examination, surgeon’s professionalism and, what’s really important, on the after care. In case of facial contouring after care treatments play a huge role to speed up the recovery, lessen swelling and minimize scars.
   As the most experienced Facial bone surgery clinic in Korea ID hospital has developed a multi-complex treatment system to enhance facial bone surgery results for our patients.

So what does ID hospital offer for facial contouring after care? 

  • Deswelling care

    A standard treatment after facial contouring surgery helping to speed up the deswelling process. ID hospital provides as many deswelling treatments as our patient need to ensure the healing process goes well.
  • High-frequency treatment

It improves blood circulation, encourages cell renewal and increases the production of collagen and elastin. These are essential for healing the scars
  • HE-NE laser

Used for speeding up wound healing.
  • Blood circulation boost

This treatment increases blood flow after surgery and it can improve patient’s facial contouring results. It mostly helps to speed up oedema reduction and wound healing.

Other post care treatments:

  • Fast secretion activity treatment
  • New Ultrasound treatmen
  • Massage
  • Indian face massage for slimmer facial line

    Facial contouring after care facilities

Recovery room after surgery
All patients in ID hospital have a separate recovery room prepared for them to rest right after the surgery.
Professional nurses from intensive care unit fully monitor the patient on one-on-one basis until the patient’s condition is stabilized.
After full recovery, the patient is moved to a ward. After meeting surgeon our patients can start to get facial contouring surgery after care treatments.

Spacious and comfortable ward 

Our wards are built with fireproof construction and equipped with personal computer and entertainment facilities to provide a comfortable environment for rest and recovery.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Snapchat Dysmorphia Plastic Surgery: Look like your selfies without a filter!

Snapchat Dysmorphia Plastic Surgery: What is it?
Plastic Surgery has become more and more popular over the years.
But the past couple years has been blooming more than ever because of beauty enhancing apps such as Snapchat and Facetune. These apps allow one to take selfie’s using filters that enhance their look. Most filters include an effect that slims the face, gives flawless skin, fuller lips and even bigger eyes. This resulted  in a new plastic surgery trend people often refer as “Snapchat Dysmorphia Plastic Surgery”.
People will see their faces automatically beautified and compare it to their real self, only to feel dissatisfied with their own appearance. This has created the “Snapchat Dysmorphia” syndrome that has been driving many to our hospital for the past few years.

The Kardashian’s are known to enjoy using Snapchat daily

Then vs. Now

Back in the day people would come in for a consultation with a photo of a celebrity or model that they would want to look like. But now, people bring filtered photos of themselves, hoping to look like their edited photo in real life a.k.a  “Snapchat Dysmorphia Plastic Surgery”

Filtered pictures or selfie’s do get more attention and reaction from others. This is the reason why an increasing number of people have become addicted to these beautifying apps. No doubt their digitally altered face has been giving them more confidence. As a result more and more people are in search for options on how to translate it into reality.

Hollywood sensation, Arianna Grande also enjoys using Snapchat

ID Hospital: Why choose us?
We are a leading Plastic Surgery Hospital, located in South Korea. We have been established for over 15 years, composed with a team of over 30 medical specialists and surgeons. This includes facial specialists, body specialists, dentists, dermatologists, ENT doctors and physicians, recruiting only the best of the best in each field.
Our hospital has gotten an increased number of requests from patients to look like their filtered selfie’s during consultations. The good news is that we can perform almost any procedures including rhinoplasty, face contouring surgery, eyelid surgery, face lifting, liposuction and more. Thus being confident that our specialists can deliver results that will leave you with satisfaction.
Recently an increase number of Trans community has also been visiting our hospital for Facial Feminization Surgery(FFS). The procedures for this include: rhinoplasty, v-line surgery, brow lift, fat grafting and brow shaving. Through experience and endless research from our specialist in each field, ID hospital has been internationally recognized and become a world renowned hospital, and continues to grow everyday.

 Real patient from ID hospital. She received V-line surgery, forehead reduction, full face fat grafting and V3 lifting.
So what can I expect?
During a consultation, the Dr. will determine each individual’s facial structure and balance. Then he/she will determine what procedure(s) would suit one’s face the most and come up with an appropriate diagnosis for each individual. With the wealth of knowledge and skill we have, we can bring each and every patient satisfying results. We are the only plastic surgery hospital certified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and always prioritize safety first. 

If you are considering getting any procedures done for either aesthetic or functional reasons (or both), make sure to stop by ID Hospital.

Don’t miss out on a free consultation with one of our experts.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Xiomary's Plastic surgery experience at ID Hospital Korea

Xiomary, 21, from Puerto Rico was one of the winners of the ID Model 2019 contest.

She came to get plastic surgery at ID Hospital in Korea.

She had facial contouring surgeries and her surgery results look amazing at 10 days post-surgery! 

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

How do surgery scars look after surgery?

People are really concerned out how their post-surgery scars will look...and that may be enough to scare someone from having surgeries.

With this post, we will show all of the surgery scars as they heal so you will know what to expect.

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