Friday, October 18, 2019

YouTube influencers who had their plastic surgery done in ID Hospital, Korea

YouTube influencers plastic surgery experience in ID Hospital, Korea.

1. Cluam Sutherland

facial feminization surgery in korea before after
List of surgeries: forehead reduction, V line, rhinoplasty, fat graft

A famous Australian transgender and YouTuber Cluam Sutherland traveled to Korea in order to get a facial feminization surgery, which included forehead reduction, V line surgery, rhinoplasty and facial fat graft. Cluam posted a full video about her dramatic transformation on YouTube, reaching 1 million views.

2. Kerina Wang

asian rhinoplasty before after korea
List of surgeries: rhinoplasty, lateral canthoplasty, lateral hotz, fat graft

A famous clothes fashion YouTube blogger Kerina Wang, currently living in Canada, is a beauty inspiration for thousands of her subscribers. Before visiting ID Hospital she was insecure because of her wide and saggy nose shape. She also wanted to make her eyes bigger and to add volume on flat and sunken areas of her face. Kerina shared her plastic surgery video and thoughts on a YouTube channel, and now she is ready to inspire followers even more.

3. Bo

before after double jaw and v line in korea
List of surgeries: double jaw surgery, V line

“Food Tales” Mukbang YouTuber Bo was not comfortable with her protruding jaw and made up her mind to get her double jaw and v line surgery in ID Hospital. She recorded her plastic surgery video including consultation, recovery process, treatments and diet day by day. Now Bo is more confident and will be back to her delicious Mukbang videos after the complete healing.

4. Kupo Vannie

before after v line and rhinoplasty id hospital
List of surgeries: V line, rhinoplasty

Vannie is a cosplayer from the US. She wanted V line surgery to fix her jaw asymmetry (one side was bigger than the other) and rhinoplasty to fix her bulbous nose and low nose bridge. She chose ID Hospital for her surgeries and now, as her swelling went down, she looks even more fabulous than before.

5. Kristen Lanae

V line lifting and fat graft id hospital before after
List of surgeries: V line, lifting, fat graft

Kristen is one more famous cosplayer from the US. She didn’t like her under eyes dark circles and jaw shape.  Kristine had V line and V3 lifting to make more defined and tight jaw line and under eye fat graft for a freshier look!

6. Pixee Fox

pixee fox plastic surgery korea id hospital

List of surgeries: V line, cheekbone reduction

Famous model who is aiming to become a living cartoon, Pixee Fox, has visited ID hospital for facial bone contouring. She underwent V line and cheekbone reduction surgeries in order to make her facial line more defined and slim. Pixee Fox has never made a secret of having multiple surgical procedures and talked about her experience in numerous YouTube videos and TV shows.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Hollywood Celebrities Who Have Had Plastic Surgery And Own Up To It!

   In Hollywood, there is no doubt that looking good is predominant, and it’s no secret plastic surgery is a common thing. Plenty of top celebrities have visited the best plastic surgeons to enhance their beauty. However, to find those who are willing to admit that they had something done is very rare. Most of them prefer to keep it to themselves. In this article, we put together 6 top A-list celebrities in Hollywood who have openly admitted to plastic surgery. Continue reading to find out the celebrities who have had plastic surgery and own up to it! 

Tyra Banks💙
   In her book, Perfect Is Boring, America’s Top model Host and supermodel Tyra Banks revealed she had a nose job in the interest of promoting women not judging one another for cosmetic enhancement. "I had bones in my nose that were growing and itching," she wrote. "I could breathe fine, but I added cosmetic surgery. I admit it! Fake hair and I did my nose. I feel I have a responsibility to tell the truth." She also shared her thoughts with PEOPLE during an interview saying: “Natural beauty if unfair, I get really uncomfortable when women who are these natural beauties judge anybody who does anything to themselves.

celebrities who have had plastic surgery and own up to it
celebrity plastic surgery
Chrissy Tiegen💙

   The Lip Sync Battle co-host and former supermodel, Chrissy Tiegen told Byrdie that she’d had her forehead, nose and lips done. She also revealed to Refinery29 that she had liposuction done, saying: “I had armpit sucked out, which was one of the best things,” The always-candid model also shared her thoughts on her breast augmentation procedure. “It’s a big secret, but I don’t care… It made me feel better in dresses; I felt more confident. It was the dumbest, stupidest thing I’ve ever done. The dumbest, but I like it, whatever,

celebrity plastic surgery
celebrity plastic surgery
Cardi B💙 

   Grammy-winning rapper Cardi B has opened about her butt implants and breast augmentation in the past. She took responded to a fan who dissed her breast implants writing, “I TRUELY LOOOOVEEE MY BOOBS SINCE I Bought first expensive purchase." Recently she also openly admitted that she had liposuction done on her arms! 

celebrity plastic surgery

Iggy Azalea💙

   Back in 2015, the Australian rapper admitted to Vogue that she got her boobs done. She expressed that she was tired of having to add padding to her stage costumes, she was at first hesitant to share her decision in fear that her young fans would feel bad about their own bodies, but in the end, she felt honesty was the best policy. “I decided I wasn’t into secret-keeping.” and just four months later, she also shared her experience with Seventeen magazine on getting her nose done. “I’m not denying it, denying is lame,” she said. “Plastic surgery is an emotional journey,” she continued. “It’s no easy feat to live with your flaws and accept yourself-and it’s not easy feat to change yourself. Either way you look at it, it’s a tough journey. There are things that I didn’t like about myself that I changed through surgery. There are other things I dislike but I’ve learned to accept.

celebrity plastic surgery
celebrity plastic surgery
Lisa Kudrow💙

   Lisa Kudrow, most known as her role in Friends, admitted she had a nose job done at the age of 16. “I went from, in my mind, hideous, to not hideous. I did it the summer before going to a new high school," she said. "So there were plenty of people who wouldn't know how hideous I looked before. That was a good, good, good change."

celebrity plastic surgery
celebrity plastic surgery
Jennifer Aniston💙

   Hollywood sweetheart actress Jennifer Aniston admitted her nose operation back in 2007. She said that she got it done to fix her deviated septum and that it was the best thing she’s ever done. “I slept like a baby for the first time in years. As far as all the other (rumors), as boring as it sounds, it’s still mine. All of it, still mine.” She told during an interview.

Which celebrity transformation is your favorite?

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Friday, September 20, 2019

Thai singer Engfa Waraha and her dramatic transformation in ID Hospital

  Thai singer Engfa Waraha and her dramatic transformation in ID Hospital

   Famous Thai singer Engfa Waraha has amazed her fans after dramatic transformation in ID Hospital. Engfa is very famous singer and participant of Thailand “Voice” 2018 competition, model and actress. She visited Korea in August, 2019 for several procedures in order to enhance her beauty for a future career.

id hospital before after
Engfa Waraha before/after plastic surgery in ID Hospital, Korea
   Engfa is 23 years old, born in a musician’s family. She has been practicing singing since early childhood. However, she felt, that she needed to overcome her appearance’s insecurities to achieve more in modeling and acting.

consultation in id hospital
Consultation in ID Hospital before the surgery 
   Firstly, nose and breast were Engfa’s main concerns. Secondly, Engfa wanted to enhance her overall look. ID Hospital doctor recommended getting  V3 lifting and accusculpting during consultation for skin rejuvenation and tightening effect.

   What surgeries did she have to achieve dramatic transformation in ID Hospital?

   Engfa underwent "Barbie line rhinoplasty" by Dr. Son to make her nostrils more narrow and her nose line more defined. Additionally, she chose "Full HD Breast augmentation" , performed by Dr. Shin. This is a unique technique using endoscope to create Natural Y-line tear drop shaped breasts. Finally, Dr. Seo tightened her facial skin with V3 lift - new technological lift surgery created by ID, and Accusculpt (facial lipo) -  laser device that is effective for breaking down fat to create a beautiful facial contour by removing unnecessary facial fat and giving elasticity to the skin.

   Engfa’s result turned out way beyond expectations. Only within 3 weeks she became happier and more confident. Her dramatic transformation after plastic surgery in ID Hospital got noticed by her fans and colleagues in social media, causing an enormous amount of compliments and positive comments.

before after plastic surgery in korea
Before/after breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and lifting in ID Hospital, Korea
   We wish all the best to Engfa in her future singing, modeling and acting career and thank her for entrusting beauty to ID Hospital.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Double eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty precautions and recovery tips

What are precautions for double eyelid and rhinoplasty surgery?
Double eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty plastic surgeries are one of the most popular in South Korea. Many visitors of id Hospital prefer to have multiple procedure in order to save time and avoid undergoing anesthesia several times. Here are some precautions and tips from ID Hospital before and after double eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty that can help you to recover faster.
Post image
Double eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty in ID Hospital

Before surgery:
⚠️ Notify doctor if you have hypertension, diabetes, thyroids, allergies, anemia, cold or undergoing any treatment of medical illness. Consult with a doctor if you are obligated to take any medicine, hormones, herbs.
🚫 No alcohol or smoking 1-2 months before and after the surgery, as it may affect blood pressure, blood sugar level and blood vascularization.
🚫 No food or water at least 6 hours prior to the surgery for anesthesia to work.
🚫 No manicure and pedicure nail coloring, no jewelries, piercings.
After surgery:
❄️ For the first 48 hours swelling will be severe. Use cold pack on the swollen area for the first 3 days.
🔥 Switch it to warm compression after the 3rd day.  
🍴 Avoid oily, greasy, fatty foods during recovery so the swelling will go down faster.
🏨 Sleep in a position when you head is above your heart level

Eyelid Surgery

Post image
Double eyelid surgery recovery, ID Hospital

  1. Avoid excessive crying, rubbing the eyes, or squinting too hard
  2. Avoid wearing contacts for about three weeks following the surgery.
  3. Too much tension on the eyes can lead to bleeding or other unwanted unnecessary consequences.
Nose Surgery

Post image
Rhinoplasty recovery, ID Hospital

  1. Avoid wearing glasses for about one month following the surgery
  2. A week following the surgery, light blowing may be permitted, however four weeks after, you may blow more naturally.
You can read more details about nose recovery process and eye recovery process in ID Blog.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Alar reduction in Korea

What is nose alar reduction?

   Nose alar reduction is a popular surgery in Korea  among patients who have large nose alar. It makes brim of nostril look wide and bulbous and affect overall facial look.  Ideal width of nostrils is same as the distance between eyes, but it should be shorter than the width of lips.
   Alar reduction surgery creates smaller alars and nostrils, making nose line elegant and slim.
alar reduction
Alar reduction in ID Hospital

   As you can see from the patient's photo large alars were removed in a wedge shaped pattern to narrow the nostrils. There are two ways to reduce nostril's size depending on the nose shape
alar reduction method
Method 1: in case alar is wide the surgeon reduces nose width from the sides.

alar reduction method
Method 2: in case nasal columella is wide surgeon reduces the nose from central part

   You may think that slimming nose alar won't make a big change, but it has huge effect as it can change the impression.

alar reduction in korea
Alar reduction in ID Hospital

This surgery can also be combined with general rhinoplasty, which is called "Barbie Line rhinoplasty" in ID Hospital. Barbie rhinoplasty not only narrows nostrils, but also includes nasal bridge augmentation and tipplasty

When do I need alar reduction?

You might consider narrowing your alar in one of next cases:
  • Your nose is wide and looks bulbous because of the alar's size.
  • Your nose looks low and not well-defined.
  • The bridge of your nose is high, yet your nostrils look wide.
  • The shape of your nose doesn't suit you.

alar reduction in korea id hospital
Alar reduction in ID Hospital

   The benefits of alar reduction include but not limited to adjusting nose shape individually and fixing asymmetry, no visible scarring, creating an ideal nose tip that fits facial balance and fast recovery time. This surgery takes 1 - 1.5 hours and it is proceeded under sleeping anesthesia. Patient doesn't need hospitalization after surgery. Surgeon removes stitches after 5-7 days, and you can go back your daily life right after.
It’s really important to consult about suitable surgery method with plastic surgery specialist as each individual may need different surgery method.

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Monday, September 9, 2019

Forehead Reduction Surgery (Scalp advancement)

What is forehead reduction surgery?

Forehead reduction surgery, also commonly known as hairline lowering or scalp advancement, is a procedure that involves lowering the hairline for individuals who have a naturally higher hairline and/or larger forehead. The goal for this procedure is to reduce the amount of distance between the hairline and the eyebrows. Forehead reduction is popular among all genders but especially female and transgender patients. Typically men have a larger and a more prominent forehead than women, as a female’s hairline is lower down the forehead and typically a rounder shape. This is why the procedure is popular among women and transgender patients that seek a more feminine look.

Before and after forehead reduction surgery at ID hospital

How is the procedure performed?

Your surgeon will first draw an outline of your new hairline. Then a wave line incision will be made to avoid dark scars. Straight line scars are more apparent than wavy, irregular patterned scars. Once the incision is made, the section of the hair-bearing scalp will be pulled forward to the new hairline.
Forehead reduction design

What is the recovery period for forehead reduction surgery?

Post-surgery, you will experience swelling around your whole face and scalp, however, the major swellings will go down within the first week after surgery. Stitches will be removed 2 weeks after forehead reduction surgery and patients from abroad can safely fly back home after. After surgery, you will experience numbness at the front of the scalp and the sensation will slowly return 3 to 12 months post-surgery. Scar will remain red and elevated throughout the first 2 to 6 months after surgery, and will take 12 to 18 months for the scar to fully heal. A visible scar may still exist, but usually it is mild for anyone to really notice after the first year.

Advantages of Forehead Reduction Surgery at ID hospital

Customized hairline design that suits your face shape best

Customized hairline design for forehead reduction in ID Hospital

Precautions after forehead reduction surgery

1. Avoid irritating the surgical area or putting pressure to your face.
2. For the first 3 days apply ice pack, it helps reduce the swelling. From the 4th day, switch to a warm pack. Your eyes will swell up more than your forehead so apply the packs around your eyes.
3. Be careful so that the forehead bandages doesn’t come off.
4. Rather than lying down, it is better to sit or take light walks to help decrease the swelling. Refrain from sleeping face down or sideways as this may cause deformation.
5. Be aware that will be temporary loss of sensations on your scalp.
6. After forehead bandage removal, light hair wash is possible even with the stitches on.
7. Don’t rub your eyes excessively for the first 4 weeks.
8. You may eat/drink water 3 hours after surgery but avoid spicy, greasy, salty food as it delays the recovery.

forehead reduction surgery before and after
Korean broadcaster before and after forehead reduction surgery at ID hospital

forehead reduction in korea before after
Xiomary, from Puerto Rico, visited ID hospital for forehead reduction surgery

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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Did BTS have plastic surgery? Check it out here

Billboard award winning kpop boyband BTS

   Did BTS have plastic surgery? South Korean Kpop boy band BTS is the hottest icon in the music industry right now. It is widely known that plastic surgery is common in Korea, especially the Kpop industry. So it is likely that a few members might have had some work done. 

Many k pop stars in Korea make their debut after an extensive preparation.

   There is no doubt that it's a good strategy for them to look their best while executing their performance. We can all guess that not only BTS but also many other k pop stars have probably had the help of a great medical team in Korea, but unfortunately for us, we will never know the exact answers to these question but the actual surgeon who performed it. FYI, the most common surgeries male k pop stars go under are eyes, nose, face contouring and double jaw surgery.

   Below are photos of BTS members that are easily found on Google if you type ‘before and after BTS’ on the search bar.
bts before debut
bts before debut
bts before debut
did bts have plastic surgery

plastic surgery for men korea
Male facial contouring in ID Hospital, Korea

   No one can exactly guess what surgery they have received, but what we do know is that the members deliver spectacular performances when on stage.
   At ID Hospital, you can receive a thorough and personalized consultation with an expert to figure out what surgeries you need to reach the goal of your desired look. Keep in mind that male facial contouring surgery should be approached differently than females. Since men have thicker bones, skin and tissues, the surgical plans should be made with these factors considered to achieve a masculine face shape that suits the patient’s desired look.

   Here are more examples of before and after male plastic surgery at ID hospital:

Before/after surger at ID Hospital

Before/after plastic surgery at ID Hospital

kpop idol plastic surgery makeover, how to look like a kpop idol
Before/after plastic surgery at ID Hospital

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