Thursday, November 22, 2018

FFS Results - Gabbie's 6 months post-surgery results at ID Hospital

Gabbie visited ID hospital 6 months ago to have her FFS procedures. During her 1 month post-surgery interview, she still had some swelling.

We caught up with her at the 6 months post-surgery mark, to check her progress.

ID: Hi Gabbie! It’s been 6 months since you had surgery, so tell us how did you progress after you left Korea? How was the healing process? 

Healing was very gradual. Since I had V-line surgery and Cheekbone reduction surgery (facial contouring surgery), I had a lot of swelling.

The doctors had explained that to me prior to surgery so I was just focusing on healing. Every day I could see my face getting smaller and more defined so I knew that I just needed to be patient.

ID: How do you feel after having your surgeries? Are you satisfied with the results?

I am very satisfied with my surgery results. In fact, I am planning to go back for additional surgeries. That’s how much I trust ID hospital to make me look more beautiful.
ID: Have the surgeries improved your confidence the way you imagined?

Very much! Before surgery, I hated putting my hair up, I just didn’t like the way I looked. Now I love trying new hairstyles, tying my hair up. Etc.

ID: How did your friends and family react after seeing your surgery results?

They noticed right away how my face became more feminine and my facial features became more defined. Especially the nose! I love the way I look now.

ID: Do other people notice you have had surgery? Do you talk about your surgeries to others?

Yes, they do notice the change. The surgeries have made me more beautiful and yes, I do discuss it with others because I simply love the surgery results.

ID: Will you have more surgical procedures?

Yes, absolutely. I want to get a lifting procedure like my doctor had recommended and some fat graft.

ID: Would you recommend ID Hospital to others, and why?

Absolutely!!!! ID hospital is the best hospital! No questions about it.

ID: Any tips for patients coming to Korea to have surgery for the first time?

It is important to find a hospital that can really change you for the better. ID hospital surely has a lot of specialist doctors to help you achieve a natural, fabulous face, the surgery results speak for themselves.
ID: What would you like to say to other patients? Any messages you would like to share?

Don’t just trust any hospital. Trust ID hospital. I am a living proof of how my life has changed tremendously. My face looks better than I ever imaged, beyond my wildest dreams and I am happy to have had my surgeries there.

Just like Gabbie, you can also change your life and finally feel comfortable in your own skin, with FFS. ID Hospital is the top plastic surgery Hospital specialized in FFS. Contact us here for an online consultation.

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