Friday, November 16, 2018

Is it possible to transform your face with eye and nose surgery only?

ID Hospital: Hi Hae hyun! Why did you choose ID Hospital?

I was mostly concerned about my eyelids and nose. I had undefined eyelids so I wanted bigger eyes. 

For my nose, since I had a low bridge, I wanted to get a Barbie nose. My forehead was kind of flat, so I wanted a more feminine, rounded forehead.

ID Hospital:  Why did you decide to have your surgeries here?

I read a lot of reviews online, and I know large Hospitals have better services and check-up system so I decided to have my surgeries at ID Hospital. 

I went to many other hospitals for consultation, and in the end, I made my choice.

ID Hospital: How many surgeries did you have?

The surgeon suggested that I should have the Bambi eyelid surgery, which included non-incision ptosis correction surgery, epicanthoplasty, and dual canthoplasty. 

For my nose, I had the Barbie line rhinoplasty and for my forehead, I had fat graft. I did not have any kind of facial contouring surgery or lifting.

ID Hospital: How was the healing process?

I had some pain and discomfort for 3 days after surgery, but it wasn’t too extreme. I felt some pain when the stitches were being removed and I was able to breathe so much better after my nose cast came off 1 week after surgery. 

I had a check-up twice since then and even my doctor and consultant are shocked at how dramatic my transformation is.

ID Hospital: Have the surgeries made you feel more confident about yourself?

Before getting surgery, I had also decided to start dieting and taking better care of myself. Since I would invest in surgery, it didn’t make sense for me not to do the extra work and be the best I could be. 

After surgery, I was able to get right to dieting. I started adding workouts one month after, and lost so much weight. I look like a completely different person now. My confidence level is off the roof.

ID Hospital: What do you feel this transformation did for your life?

For the first time in my life, I felt like I was able to achieve goals that I set for myself. The surgery helped me realize that I was hiding behind my insecurities a lot, and now I feel so confident. 

My quality of life has improved so much, and I feel happy that I chose ID Hospital to have my surgery.

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