Thursday, November 15, 2018

How do you know if you need plastic surgery?

As a human being, we can find many reasons why our lives aren’t the “perfect” life we envisioned for ourselves. We have all been there.

Just like there is no “MAGIC” pill for fat loss, surgery is not “MAGIC”.

It is the right thing for many people and not the answer for many.
So how can you evaluate whether you need surgery to improve your confidence?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before going under the knife.

Why do you need this surgery?

Getting surgery is not only physical, there are psychological aspects to it too.

Have you figured out why you need to have surgery?

Bullying is not a good reason to get surgery. If you are getting bullied and think getting surgeries will stop the bullying, then you need to think again.

Get to the root of your emotional problems and when you are at a healthy positive place, and then you can consider getting surgery to be the best version of yourself.

Will this surgery impact your life positively?

Is it a long time insecurity of yours that needs fixing?

The hump on your nose, the double chin, wide jaw etc. are the only problems that need your immediate attention?

Will getting the surgery help you focus better in life and give you the positive energy you need to propel yourself forward?

Dig deep and find the answers.

How is your emotional health before surgery?

Everyone suffers at some point in their lives with a low self-esteem or low self-confidence; it is nothing to be ashamed of. 

Working on your emotional health before surgery, and even getting some counseling before surgery can help you figure out if you are getting surgery for the right reasons.

Do not be harsh and overly criticize yourself for your looks, as they can be improved. Improving your attitude towards life and your emotion well being takes time, so make you’re your heart and mind are in the right place first.

Can you afford to have surgery?

Getting your finances in order is important, especially when considering surgery. 

If planning to have surgeries overseas, financing options or credit card payments should not cause a strain on your financially after surgery. 

You need that post-surgery time to rest and relax to heal well, so create a surgery budget and stick to it.

Will you have enough time, space and patience to heal?

Going into surgery with the right attitude is important. You have to understand that having surgery means your body needs time to heal. 

People are impatient and start complaining, get scared or panicky right after surgery, not realizing that you need to be in the right frame of mind for proper healing.

Take time off work, have family or friends around you for emotional support and let your body heal. Follow all the instructions and maintain a positive attitude and you will find yourself one step closer to full recovery.

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