Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Can the facial width be reduced for perfect facial harmony?

The perfect facial proportion ratio is slightly different between Caucasians and Asians, with the latter preferring a shorter, sharper chin so the ratio reflects that difference. To alter the facial proportions, facial contouring surgeries are used like V-line surgery, zygoma reduction surgery, forehead reduction surgery etc. 

Of particular interest, is the difference between the skeletal structure of Caucasian and Asians. Although many Asians do have wide cheekbones, they are not limited to Asians only, as some Caucasians also do have wide cheekbones. 

Men have wider cheekbones than women, so zygoma reduction surgery is also a part of facial feminization surgery, to create a smoother, feminine facial contour. 

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Image Source: © Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. 2018 159. S. Park (ed.), Facial Bone Contouring Surgery

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