Friday, December 14, 2018

How to look younger with under eye surgeries

The under eye area is one of the key indicators of aging.   

As you get older, the collagen production reduces, the skin thins or sags and eye bags start to show. 

Contrary to popular belief, there is no one surgery that will suit everyone.   

Depending on the actual symptoms, skin elasticity, fat, and collagen, the recommended surgery will differ.

To give you a better idea of each surgery’s function, let’s look at four different cases that deal with the under eye area.

All the below surgeries require a week’s stay in Korea (post-surgery). 

Major swelling and bruising take 1-2 weeks and minor swelling takes 3-6 months.  

Under eye fat graft

  A fat graft is a procedure by which fat is extracted from the abdomen or thigh area, and used to add volume to areas of the face.   

This surgery benefits anyone who has hollow under eye area. The fat is used to fill out the sunken areas and this, in turn, will make anyone look younger.  

Under eye fat repositioning

For this type of case, the inner parts of the under eye area appears to be hollow yet there are visible under eye bags. 

An under eye fat repositioning surgery takes the fat from the under eye fat pockets and repositions the fat evenly under the eye, and smoothens out the under eye area.  

Under eye bag removal

For this type of case, the under eye bags are prominent, yet there is no visible sunken area under the eyes. 

The fat deposits under the eye can be removed to make the under eye area smooth.  

Lower blepharoplasty

  This surgery is for anyone in their 40s or 50s. The under eye bags are very visible and there is considerable saggy in the under eye area.

An incision is made in the lower part of the eye, excess fat and skin are removed and the skin is lifted to make the under eye area smooth.   

Hope this post helped to clarify the different surgical procedures for the under eye area but if you have any questions or would like an online consultation, click here. 

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