Wednesday, January 17, 2018

New lease on life: orthognathic and facial contouring surgery review

Nationality: Korean 
Desired Surgery : Eyes, nose
Surgery performed: Orthognathic surgery, V-line facial contouring surgery

Before Surgery

I was born with severe facial asymmetry and had an under bite, so I grew up feeling very self-conscious about my looks. I was very glad when I found ID Hospital, and resolved to finally change my looks for the better. I had functional and aesthetic concerns, which were well addressed by my surgeon and I was recommended both the orthognathic surgery also known as the double jaw surgery, and facial contouring surgery known as V-line surgery. 

3 weeks post-surgery

Just after the surgery, I had a lot of bruising and swelling, so I had to do a lot of things to help reduce the swelling faster. I had pumpkin juice and walked a lot. I could only have liquids for some days after surgery, so I had a lot of warm soups and smoothies. I thought the swelling would stay for long, at least 3 months, but I am very happy with my 3 weeks post-surgery progress.

5 months post-surgery

From 3 months after surgery onward, my looks changed completely. From then on, daily, my face gets smaller and smaller as the minor swelling reduces. I did not imagine that the Orthognathic surgery and the facial contouring surgery would change me this way. I am still amazed every time I see my reflection in the mirror. 

9 months post-surgery

My confidence level has increased so much!  I keep getting compliments all the time, so that motivated me to join the gym and get working on my body! I feel great and look forward to life with a great outlook. ID Hospital is really the best when it comes to orthognathic and facial contouring surgeries

Thank you, ID Hospital, for giving me a new life!~

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