Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Double Eyelids and Rhinoplasty surgeries at ID Hospital : Review

Nationality: Korean 
Desired Surgery : Eyes, nose
Surgery performed: Skinny Incision Double Eyelid surgery, Soft-Mesh Rhinoplasty 

I was always concerned with how low my nose bridge is, and I got fillers but I did not see much improvement. So I decided to go ahead and have rhinoplasty surgery! While I made the decision to have rhinoplasty, I also decided to go ahead and have double eyelid surgery too. I already had a line line, but I wanted thicker double eyelids, I wanted to have beautiful eyes!~

I decided to go for the surgery during the holidays~

2 months post-surgery

It has been 2 months since I have had surgery, not only am I extremely happy with the results, but everyone loves it. Everyone keeps asking me where did I get my double eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty done, and of course, I tell them it's ID Hospital! Everyone who knew me before the surgery say they barely recognize me, that I am a totally different person, and that makes me happy!

4 months post-surgery

Every photo I take is perfect from any angle! I totally am loving my surgery results, and as time goes, the minor swelling reduces and I still keep seeing progress. The best part about the soft-mesh rhinoplasty is the ability to move my nose around. With traditional rhinoplasty surgeries, people cannot move their nose around and that is usually an indicator that they had surgery. But this surgery is completely different, my nose looks natural and moves around naturally too!

7 months post-surgery

It has been 7 months already and I can barely remember what my old face looked like. I never imagined that a face can change so much with just 2 simple surgeries like Skinny Incision Double Eyelid surgerySoft-Mesh Rhinoplasty, but these surgeries have changed my life forever. I get compliments daily, and get compared to celebrities often. 
I have recommended ID Hospital to all my family and friends, since I am so satisfied with my surgery results. 

ID Hospital, where happier faces are discovered.

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