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Name:       Kirishima 
Country:   Japan
Concern:  Long chin, malocclusion
Surgery:   Orthognathic Surgery, 
                  V-line Surgery

Hello everyone.
From elementary school, I experienced severe malocclusion which resulted in protruding chin. I visited university hospitals and dentists in Japan for consultations and I was advised to receive orthodontic practice (to have braces) for 5 years and then to have orthognathic surgery. I thought this to be very cumbersome and time consuming. But then I found ID Hospital and their unique surgery method called the surgery first approach so the patient receives the surgery first and then have orthodontics. ID Hospital is widely known for its expertise  also in Japan for its specialization in facial contouring and orthognathic surgery!

I had my consultation with Dr. Sang Hoon Park. He told me that the overall size of my face isn’t too big but it's the length of the chin that is making my face look very long. He kindly explained me about the symptoms I had with the CT and X-rays. Since the degree of my protruding chin and the malocclusion were quite severe, he told me that I could have effective results for both functionally and aesthetically by undergoing orthognathic surgery and V line surgery. And I decided to receive the surgery right away.

Right after the surgery it was very difficult to breathe for about 6 hours and my throat felt really sore. And I had major swellings then but I was very happy to see my face with the improvements of the malocclusion. It was surprising!! 

1 week after surgery! I also had blocked nose after surgery but it was gone by the time and I could breathe through my nose more comfortably and easily than before. The swelling care that was provided by the hospital had been very helpful for me to de-swell.

2 Weeks had flown after surgery. The swellings reduced a lot and I was incredibly happy to see my jaw corrected, and also the face getting smaller and smaller. After my departure to Japan, I couldn't wait to see my parents and friends!

This is week 3 after surgery. It was my last visit to the hospital for treatments, interview and to have my after surgery photos taken. Every time I looked in the mirror, I felt so different and couldn't remember my old face at all.

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One month later, most of the swelling had lessened. When I returned to Japan, my parents were so delighted to see me with my symptoms improved. As for the meals, I took soup based food until then but was able to enjoy a more variety of softer food afterwards. I had a bit of trouble speaking comfortably so had to put extra efforts to exercise my muscles to pronounce and talk.

It had been around 2 months after surgery. Nearly all swelling had gone away and was finally able to speak well from then on.

Now it is 6 months after surgery and have no difficulty in living my daily life. I'm feeling great with the results that I take a selfie every day. And I went to ID again to have rhinoplasty to have smaller and more defined nose. Once again, I'm extremely satisfied with the surgery outcomes and I can't wait to see my nose without the swellings!

Real people, Real results!

ID Hospital, where happier faces are discovered.
(From facial bone to eyes and nose plastic surgery)

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ID hospital korea review

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