Wednesday, May 17, 2017

[ID Hospital Review] Korean Breast Augmentation

[id hospital review] Korean Breast Augmentation

It took a long time for me to decide and have Breast Augmentation
These are my before pictures. 
I'm very skinny and my breasts were also very small.
It was a big concern for me. 

I checked many clinics, hospital and breast augmentation doctors and I finally decided to do mine at id hospital korea after reading some reviews. 

The surgery took about an hour and was done under general anesthesia. 
(I had incisions under the armpit areas) 

When I was up from anesthesia, I realized I had my Boob Job done!
It was amazing. 

 I really love my new boobs. 

They look so natural and soft. 

I'm very satisfied with the result. 
If you're considering of having breast augmentation, I strongly recommend ID for you!

[id hospital review] Breast Augmentation in Korea


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