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Narae's Two Jaw surgery A to Z - 2. Surgery day to 8 days post operation

    Narae's Two Jaw surgery A to Z    

 2. Surgery day to 8 days post operation

Hello everyone! I'm back with the second review.

Click here to read my previous post! (Pre-surgery)

I've been writing this reviews everyday using my phone. haha
I'm still alive! Still I'm having difficult times. My cheek is heavy, having food is not easy and I haven't been sleeping well. I have also blocked nose.
But still! writing this to give you information! :D

I've undergone IRVO, as my surgeon thought there's possibility of nerve damage and problems of my jaw joint. Therefore, I will have my mouth tied for two weeks. The procedure that widens my upper jaw by incision was added too.
So there's some gap between my front teeth. This will get better by orthodontic treatment.

<Before surgery>

<Surgery day>

Usually the patients visit dental hospital a day before to check wafer mold impression. But I live quite far away from Seoul, so I had an appointment at 10am in the morning with dental and proceeded with the surgery at 11am.

I just couldn't feel it's real.. I didn't feel any fear either.

After checking wafer mold at dental, I went to hospital ward and got changed to the surgery clothe. After hearing details of surgery from my consultant and signed on surgery agreement form.

After seeing my doctor for the last time before the surgery, and walked into the surgery room with my consultant.. I saw three staffs in the small room after having Air-shower. And I was blacked out immediately after the injection. There was no pain on my face or nothing..just like THAT!

Then I heard someone saying 'Wake up' and I was moved to a hospital ward while sitting down on wheelchair. I can't really remember this part actually. LOL

When I came into my room, I saw my sister. Thank you...;(

I was not allowed to sleep for six hours, so my sister was keep waking me up. I was like, Am I supposed to just breathe out the anesthetic gas? and was closing eyes..LOL

But during those times, I didn't have anything in my throat and only one side of my nose was blocked, so I felt fine. But I started having phlegm in my throat by the time my sister has to leave and I'm able to fall asleep. For your information, my surgeon tied my mouth and they couldn't remove phlegm inside my throat.

Only suction was possible, using hose that connected to my nose. But I was having really hard times because of phlegm ;((( Both my throat and nostril was blocked...

On the day of surgery, I couldn't move since I had urine hose and something on my fingers for the oxygen saturation. These were the reason I felt uncomfortable. Time was going by so slowly.

<2 days after surgery>

Next day, they removed my urine hose around 6am. Hose for my nose was removed so I felt much better. I didn't blood bag.. I don't know why but it was just not there. LOL

Around 10am, I learned how to drink water and gargle.
And then, they gave me nutritious drink, that smelled like caramel and called 'Mediwell'.
It was not easy to drink this through the gap between my teeth, so I only could drink half.
I was able to move at this point, so I was keep walking around the hospital ward.
It took 30 seconds for the one lap, so just turned on my cell phone stop watch and walked like 10 or 20 minutes.

If I lie down on the bed after walking a bit, I was able to sleep about one to one and a half hour. I was able to breathe about the same as surgery day, but there was no phlegm in my throat so I was fine breathing.

From time to time, I was asking for otrivin. haha
I got scared at night. After sleeping, my nostrils got more blocked and it was hard to breathe.
My sister went back to home this day and I almost cried. But I tried to focus on walking as I was scared of my nose block getting worse. LOL

<3 days after surgery, discharge day>

I booked KTX train at 11am, so I decided to leave hospital around 9:30am.
I saw my doctor before I leave. He checked inside of my mouth and told me to gargle properly. haha
I got changed and ready for the discharge. I asked a nurse for the otrivin before I leave, because I didn't want to make weird sound on the train.
I had to go home all by my self, but my bag was really heavy and got tons of prescribed medications. ;(((

But hospital offered me a car service to the Seoul station! Yay
There was no problem on the rain, fortunately. I got home safe.
I didn't have any scar outside so I was able to have shower immediately.
So I had a shower right after I got home! Wow!
My mom made some porridge for me so I had some of it and talked to her using a pen and note.

I had to go to see ENT doctor since my nose block became worse. They did suction and put the cream on. But that was temporary.. I woke up often at night and went back to sleep again and again. 

<4 days after surgery>

I got a humidifier and soy milk that I ordered online this day. YAY!
It's always good to get a delivery!
I was cleaning my house for the light exercise. But my nose situation was still not good. It was driving me crazy. I was researching online to find a solution, and I was able to get information about 'Breath right nose band'. It helps breathing by widening inside of nose. I got my nose checked again with ENT doctor and came back home. I bought coffee milk and normal milk on the way home. I usually LOVE coffee milk.. but it was not tasty as normal.. 
Swelling came down even more, my face look like square. ;((

 I got this humidifier because it's gonna be winter soon anyway.. so cute!

<5 to 6 days after surgery>

My face is keep getting swollen...Nooo.. I look like a comic character. 
Double chin.. Noooo...
I was only having soy milk, normal milk, rice porridge for the last few days. But I started eating seaweed soup with rice. I felt kinda full! 
Actually I don't recommend this, small solid ingredients were all over my wafer...Noooo!!

And finally I started doing warm pack from day 6. 
After putting wet towel into the zipper bag and you need to put it in the microwave. 
After covering it up with handkerchief, do the warm pack over my face.
I'm not quite sure about the effect yet though.

<7 days after surgery>

My nose block is much better during last night. So I could have relaxed morning time.
I woke up and had a shower, was watching TV show and spent the rest of time walking in the park near my house. 
I kinda look like a normal person if I wear a mask and put some make-up on. :)
But I suddenly felt tired while I was walking, so sometimes I sat down and rest on the bench.
I start to hate eating liquid and medication nowadays... ;(
I bought soy milk like 32 packs, but only had 10 packs so far. I'm planning to give these away to my friend. LOL
I just don't like the taste so much.. it doesn't taste like soy milk, rather taste like just soy.. water.
Hospital gave me complimentary pumpkin juice, I was enjoying having them at first but now I get all sick by looking at it..LOL
I had two meals with seaweed soup and rice, but I got fed up with this as well.
So I finally chose to drink some banana and orange juice and another day went by like this..
But please don't forget! You'll recover quickly if you eat well, not like me~~

<8 days after surgery>

I live quite far away from Seoul, so I had to take a bus to get to the hospital.
Normally I can't really sleep well at home, but for some reason time was going fast for 4 and half hours while I was having a deep sleep.

I went to aesthetic center first to get a complimentary massage. They said I will be provided with 4  complimentary sessions! How exciting!

I had a lymph massage and I could feel a bit of tightness around my face as my face was beneath my heart.  Massage-care went well, they firstly cleansed my face and did the lymph massage. And stayed another 20 minutes while doing the facial mask and jaw pack.

My skin was glowing after this session! And then I headed to hospital. 
The nurse was looking into my mouth and cleansed my mouth and the areas around stitches thoroughly. My doctor said to me, 'You came back alive!' that made me laugh a lot. haha
I had 6 rubber bands and they removed 2 of them.

But.. there was some problem of cutting rubber band, so had some pain around my gum.. *tears* But anyways all the care and treatment has finished for today. And headed back home.

Next appointment is in 9 days! They tied my mouth for one month and I can feel my teeth became a bit rough.. I'm going crazy I want to brush my teeth now!
Gargle is not enough.. Today I had grapefruit aid and hot chocolate, but couldn't speak to order. So I had to send a message to myself to show it to the staff. LOL

Nowadays I'm watching Korean dramas everyday to kill times..

Since they had to cut my upper jaw, I could see a gap between my front teeth. I was told they will fix this with braces.. But I felt a bit relieved because of this gap, as this gap helped me to breathe better..haha

On the way home, I bought this fish cake soup.. My sister was having fish cake and I had soup only..;(( but it was so tasty.. haha

I feel like I'm slowly getting better everyday though.
I'm looking forward to the day my mouth become untied~

Please wait for my next review~ :D

To be continued...

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