Wednesday, October 28, 2015

[ID Hospital review] Narae's Two Jaw surgery A to Z - 1. Pre-operation

    Narae's Two Jaw surgery A to Z    
 1. Pre-operation

Hello~ Everyone. My name is Narae!

I've been reading so many surgery reviews here! Now that I decided to undergo surgery, so I might begin writing reviews too to help those who are considering surgery!

Today I've done all the examination to check if I'm eligible for the general anesthesia.
I was being told that I can hear the result of my electrocardiography, CT scan and blood test soon. I'm very looking forward to hear the result! Hope there's no problem.

And then I went to dental hospital side to create my wafer impression mold.
They said about 1cm of my jaw will be reduced. Normally upper jaw is supposed to cover the lower jaw, but in my case upper jaw is a bit V-shaped and narrow and cannot cover lower jaw.
So the surgeon will additionally perform a procedure that widens my upper jaw. (Scary..)

You'll notice if you see below photos, I have openbite and level of malocclusion is quite severe.
I couldn't cut noodles with my teeth.. I always ate it by putting it on my spoon or chewing with my tongue and front teeth when no one's around. But when I do this, my jaw automatically comes out and it makes me look very ugly..

My frontal view was not too bad. But you could tell that I have mandibular prognathism if you see me from the side. This was quite stressful.
There were some friends of mine who asked me why I am undergoing this surgery.
Besides the aesthetically problem, my pronunciation is not good, they ask me if a I have a short tongue..No I actually don't. :(
Also, when I'm relaxed, my mouth is always open. I cannot really close my teeth properly. If I try to close it, I feel some pain.
I'm not sure if this can be corrected by surgery as well. I want these all problems to be disappeared after surgery!

Here are some photos!

Here's the picture of my teeth. I have this weird habit that I try to hide my teeth, so I cannot really see the gums. haha
If you see below picture, upper jaw looks too small to cover the lower jaw? And you can see the openbite.. I can't wait to have pretty smile after surgery!

My CT scan photo!

This photo is taken before the examinations and chest X ray.

I took this picture on the way to hospital~ I know the best angle to hide my protruding jaw. haha

Lastly, here's my selfie.
I will come back after surgery! Wish me luck!

To be continued...

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ID hospital korea review
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