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[ID hospital] FAQ about Rhinoplasty

FAQ about Rhinoplasty 

Q. Is revision nose surgery essential after a few years?

A. In the past, there have been different methodologies such as silicone insertion from the middle of the forehead to the nose tip. This has often caused problems such as lowered nose tip, droopy nasal columella or thinning skin tissue.

However, nowadays ear cartilage is commonly used to create the nose tip and the results tend to become permanent, causing less issues down the line.

Q. Is it true that nose surgery can create a similar effect with Epicanthoplasty?

A. Your eyes may look closer together due to stretched skin from swelling but the swelling will dissipate within 1-2 months and look normal again. In the case that your eyes are already close together, the nasal bridge has to be heightened appropriately in order to avoid the eyes from becoming too close, ruining facial balance.

Q. Is Goretex hard to remove?

A. Many patients prefer not to use goretex because they’re worried that the implant may be hard to remove when revision surgery is required. A silicone is actually easier to be removed because it keeps stay separate during the revision surgery, but in fact removing goretex is not too challenging. Goretex can be quite easily removed within few minutes if the surgery is performed by well-experienced and skillful surgeons.

Q. Does revision surgery gives more harsh swelling?

Q. You may bleed more and the surgery is usually more complicated in case of revision surgery. However, the level of swelling is not different from the first surgery. Harsh swelling and bruising will be disappeared within 2 weeks.

Q. Is an implant essential for hawk nose correction? (Hump on the bridge)

A. Most important thing is removing protruding bone on the nose bridge in case of a hawk nose correction. If you don’t prefer higher bridge, the surgery can be performed without inserting an implant.

Q. I had fillers on my nose. Would I be able to do the rhinoplasty now?

A. We dont recommend rhinoplasty until all fillers are absorbed, since we cannot see original height of the bridge. Therefore, filler removal has to be performed first if you would like to undergo rhinoplasty soon after the filler injection.

Q. I have rhinitis. Will the nose surgery make it worse?

A. There are actually many patients who are concerned about having rhinitis or sinusitis. ID hospital is performing ‘3D CT rhnioplasty’ for these patients. We build the surgical plan after accurately examining patients’ nasal structure and tissue, so that we can create a beautiful nose while resolving the functional issues simultaneously.

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ID hospital korea review

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