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[ID hospital] Male two jaw surgery (Orthognathic) experience at ID hospital

[ID hospital] Male two jaw surgery (Orthognathic) experience at ID hospital

Since I was very young, I had very long, asymmetrical and protruding jaw.

One day, I got to know ID hospital and thought this hospital would be the best choice for me.
Because pretty much everyone knows that lot of celebrities and foreigners are having surgery at this hospital.
I've been researching for the surgery through internet for many years and anyone who had successful results had undergone surgery at ID hospital.

I had a consultation in mid-December and my surgeon was Dr. Seok Jae Lee.

I hear Dr. Seok Jae Lee performs very well on correcting a long, asymmetrical and protruding jaw. I didn't even hesitate to choose on hospital and the surgeon. I just had 100% trust on them.

Since it was middle of vacation season, it was quite hard for me to fit into the surgery schedule. I knew ID hospital is popular, but surgery schedule was almost full for next 2 months. I really wanted to have it done quickly like in a week, but at last surgery was scheduled on 24th February.

I arrived at the hospital around 11am on the surgery day.

I knew it was going to be painful, but as I have very positive personality, I wasn't worried too much, haha.
I was just alone since I didn't want to see my family worries about me.

I felt quite dizzy right after the surgery, because of general anesthesia.

But there were not much swelling and the level of pain was not too severe.
By the time I got discharged from the hospital, the pain was almost gone.
I had a walk for one hour everyday and only consumed liquids (soup or drink) that contains any oil.
I was having a lot of oily and salty food immediately after removing stitches and screws inside of my mouth. LOL
Swelling has been reduced very quickly than I thought.

Now it's just about 3 months post surgery. I can eat almost anything except very chewy food.

My face looks much better than I expected. I was kind of expecting some specific facial features, but the actual result was quite different.
My asymmetrical and long jaw was completely corrected and but my face looks soooo natural. My surgeon only pushed my jaw backward without shortening the chin, but my face became much smaller. Prominent jaw line and sunken cheek was also improved.

If I see my friends now, they all say that my jaw looks much better and the result is amazingly natural.

The friends who don't know about my surgery, would believe if I say I only had braces.
There's no side effect at all for me, seriously. LOL
You will see if you look at my photos. I would like to recommend the surgery for anyone who's hesitant about the surgery.

Here are my pictures~ :)

▼▼▼  Before the surgery ▼▼▼

▼▼▼  3 months after the surgery ▼▼▼

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