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Recovery process for rhinoplasty in korea

Before having surgery, many people are worried about the recovery process for rhinoplasty. Just like any type of surgery, the healing process differs per individual. 

However, we put together healing process timeline to help you prepare better for your surgery in Korea.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that, the recovery time differs per individual, the swelling level, bruising if any, all differ per individual so that is something to keep in mind when considering any kind of surgery.

Even though the minor swelling is usually gone in 6 months, it doesn’t mean your nose is fully healed. 6 to 12 months is good time frame to consider for total recovery from rhinoplasty.

 Recovery Process for Rhinoplasty


Recovery Process for Rhinoplasty : Before Surgery

The surgeon will see you for a consultation and prior to surgery, draw a design and prepare your surgical plan. The surgery is done under local anesthesia with sedation at ID Hospital.

Surgery Day

1.      You have to be fasted for 6 hours before surgery (no food, water or even medicines)
2.      If you are taking any prescription medication, then make sure to take the medication as advised.

Recovery Process for Rhinoplasty : After Surgery

Major swelling takes 2 to 3 weeks to reduce but you can get back to your normal routine after the cast is removed.

The swelling heals asymmetrically and moves downwards due to gravity, so the nose tip usually stays swollen the longest.

If you have bruising, then use sunscreen and wear a heat to protect your bruised skin from direct sunlight. Do not forget to follow the post-surgery disinfection and ointment instructions twice a day, and medication 3 times a day.

Recovery Process for Rhinoplasty : 1-3 Days Post-surgery

Avoid putting any pressure on your nose.

Do not sleep sideways or facing downwards, sleep on your back and keep your head level above your heart level.

For the first 3 days, apply an ice pack (provided) to help reduce the swelling.

Avoid salty, spicy, greasy foods to heal faster.

Recovery Process for Rhinoplasty : 1 Week later (cast and stitches removal)

From the fourth day onwards, use the warm to help reduce the swelling (check the temperature on your hand first)

After your stitches are removed, then you can wash your face and wear makeup, but be careful not to use too much pressure on your nose.

You will have a swelling care session if you had surgery at ID Hospital.

You cannot go to the sauna/steam room for 4 weeks

Avoid smoking and alcohol for 1-3 months after surgery

Do not wear glasses or exercise for a month after surgery

3-6 Months later

At this point, your nose should be sharper than before but it is still healing.

6 Months to a year

At this point, your nose has healed almost completely and you will be able to see the final results.

Recovery Process for Rhinoplasty : Tips to help you heal quickly

1.      Do not be impatient and assume the worst right after surgery. You need to wait to see the surgery results, sometimes for at least 6 months so be patient and allow your body to heal.

2.      For the first month at least, do not touch or move your nose around too much.

3.      Wear sunscreen whenever you head outside.

If you have any further questions, leave us a comment below.

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