Monday, March 26, 2018

What is Soft Mesh Rhinoplasty?

What is Soft Mesh Rhinoplasty?

When nasal tip is supported by nasal septal cartilage, it stays tight. In contrast, when the nasal tip is touched, since the nose tip is stiff and oftentimes unable to make a pig-nose.
Id’s new material cartilage mesh creates a high nose bridge and a strong structural support just like a nasal septal cartilage. 
Simultaneously, nasal septal cartilage is not required or used for this surgery method. Nasal tip is not stiff and one can make a pig nose – the natural movement of nasal tips.

Benefits of Soft Mesh Rhinoplasty

I Can Make a Pig Nose – Soft Mesh Rhinoplasty

After surgery, you can lift your nose up and make a pig nose
When nasal septal cartilage in the inner nose is used, you can’t make pig nose
because the nasal tip is stiff. When it’s touched, it will bring awkward feeling.

  1. Creates high nasal tip with ear cartilage and new material cartilage mesh

  2. Natural movement of nose by not using nasal septal cartilage

  3. Shows no trace of artificial surgery thanks to soft nasal tip

My Nose Stays High – Soft Mesh Rhinoplasty

With effective fixation, nasal tip does not fall

In rhinoplasty, if different kinds of materials are used for nasal bridge and nasal tip but are not
connected strongly, it could create empty space between silicon prosthetics and ear cartilage.
In this case, the nasal tip falls or becomes lower and creates a line on the nasal bridge.
Empty space increases chances of inflammation.

  1.  Long and thin silicon connects to the ear cartilage

  2. Leaving no space between nasal tip and prosthetics, almost no inflammation

  3. Mesh material strongly fixates and creates firm support for the high nasal itp

Quick Recovery, Little Swelling – Soft Mesh Rhinoplasty

Short surgery time minimizes swelling and bruises, faster recovery time

If surgery time become longer, more bleed during the surgery. Consequently, greater swelling and bruises will be caused. If the surgery area is oxidized for a longer time, will increase chances of inflammation.

  1. Minimal incision and microsuture minimizes incision marks

  2. Little bleeding and almost no swelling and bruises thanks to short surgery time

  3. Short recovery period, able to return to daily life without surgery marks

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