Friday, February 2, 2018

Pre-surgery Checklist – How to prepare for surgery in Korea?

This is one of the most asked questions, for patients who wish to have surgery in South Korea. Especially for people who are having surgery for the first time, it is easy to get anxious and not know what to do. We made a quick list for prospective patients to keep in mind when planning to have surgery in Korea.

1. Surgery Timeline
Patients book surgeries throughout the year, so make sure to check the weather and bring appropriate clothes. If it is winter, warm clothes are necessary, and if patient gets a cold, runny nose etc, surgery may get cancelled. Things to prepare include a hat, comfortable clothing, and comfortable walking shoes.

2. Medication
Patients who are on medication or having any medical issues have to inform the hospital and get approval, to make sure the medication will not affect surgery. If patients have any types of allergies that prevent surgery, egg allergies or antibiotic allergies, information should be provided in advance to avoid surgery cancellation after coming to Korea. Aspirin should be avoided 7-10 days before surgery as it can cause excessive bleeding during surgery, which is dangerous.

3. Nail polish/Gel nails and piercings
During surgery, a devise is used to read the oxygen level in your blood, and this device cannot read oxygen levels if you have nail polish or artificial nails so they must be removed before the surgery, especially gel or acrylic nails, which take a long time to remove. As for piercings, they have to be removed before the surgery. During the surgery procedure, a medical device is used to control bleeding and to prevent getting a surgical burn; all piercings and jewelry have to be removed before surgery. For piercings that cannot be removed even for a few hours, plan ahead to get spacers not made of any metal material, to replace them during surgery. Make-up should also not be worn during surgery.

4. Food
For patients not quite used to Korean cuisine, bringing along some liquid or dry food from your own country will help you for the first few days after surgery. After some surgeries, like orthographic surgery, facial contouring surgeries etc liquids or soft foods only can be consumed, so make sure to prepare some food in advance. If you have surgery at ID Hospital, there is a café on the lobby floor, and porridge and juices are available for sale.

5. Shopping
For the first week after surgery, shopping may not sound like much fun, but ID Hospital is located in Gangnam, with Garosugil, and Gangnam station close by, many patients like to spend their leisure time shopping. If you like shopping, make sure to pack lightly so you can take many of the amazing merchandise and Korean cosmetics with you for your family and friends.

6. Alcohol/smoking
Drinking alcohol may interfere with blood pressure and blood sugar levels-and to have the best surgery results patients have to stop drinking alcohol for one week before surgery and 1-3 months after surgery. It is the same thing with smoking, as it affects swelling and can increase chances of getting an infection.

Make sure to get all your questions answered when planning to come and have surgery and our online consultants are happy to help you with all inquiries.

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