Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Steps to follow for a faster recovery post-surgery!

Patients’ main concern about having surgery is the recovery time. Individual have to go back to work or school, and want to look as normal as possible when resuming their normal routine.

Bruising and swelling post-surgery is inevitable, and the level of swelling differs from person to person. There is no way to know in advance, how your body will react to surgery (unless you have previous surgery experience) but it is not a reason to shy away from having surgery! We have a few pointers you can follow below to ensure, you have the fastest recover possible!

1.  Follow Post-surgery instructions: Patients receive post-surgery care instructions before getting discharged, so make sure to take a look at it and ask any questions before leaving. You can also request for the post-operation manual from the online consultant, if you want to know in advance what to anticipate.

2.   The sleeping position is very important, and the instructions should be followed for safety reasons and this will also help reduce the swelling.

3.   Follow the instructions for using the ice/hot packs, as these will help alleviate swelling faster.

4.   The sooner you can, it is advisable to take light walks to help reduce swelling. This is one of the fastest methods, but do not overdo it, light walking only.

5.   Sauna/steam room, exercise should be avoided for a month after surgery, in some cases longer. Smoking and alcohol should also be avoided, as they can impact the recovery time and can also lead to an infection.

6.   Certain foods help patients heal faster. Chewing may be difficult after some surgeries so liquid/soft foods are advised for few days after surgery. In Korea, pumpkin juice and soup/porridge are said to help reduce swelling but patients can also have liquids like protein shakes, fresh fruits and fruit juices, and transition to soft foods as time goes by.

7.   ID Hospital offers patients post-operative care treatments to heal the swelling reduce, which are very helpful for patients. In addition, patients may also choose to purchase from a range of ID AZ products designed by ID Hospital to help patients heal faster.

On the whole, surgery may be daunting for some, but with ID Hospital, one can rest assure that they will receive all the necessary care throughout the surgery journey. 

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