Monday, January 8, 2018

Purpose of Online Consultation

ID Hospital offers online consultation through different channels like email, Whatsapp, line, kakaotalk, posting on the website etc., to assist the patient to get an idea about the type of surgeries they require with estimated price quotes.

Things patients have to keep in mind about online consultation:

1.     The online consultation offer surgery recommendations based on photos sent to the consultant, but the doctor’s recommendation may differ at the actual consultation appointment. If the recommendation differs, the price also differs, so patients should keep that in mind when doing the online consultation.

2.     The price quotes given are the starting point (basic) but if the patient requires a more complicated surgery process, the surgery price will increase, so that is something to keep in mind, especially if the patient has had an accident and is having a reconstructive surgery.

3.     Revision surgery: online consultation for revision surgeries is very limited, due to the patient already having surgery performed on that area, through pictures or X-ray, surgery possibility cannot be confirmed. A face to face consultation is required.

4.     The recovery time for various surgeries differ, so if you decide to have different surgeries from the ones initially recommended, make sure to let the online consultant know. For example, forehead implant surgery requires 1 week for the implant to be customized, so surgery is done one week after consultation, so the patient has to stay for 2 weeks in Korea, but if doing other surgeries like V-line surgery, then the total duration of stay will increase to 3 weeks.

5.     Potential patients have to make sure to disclose their medical history details and allergies before making a surgery booking. If a patient leaves out important information during the online consultation, and during the pre-examinations, the hospital finds out they have a medical condition that prevents them from having surgery, surgery will be cancelled and deposit will not be refunded. So please always mention all details related to medical history and allergies.

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