Wednesday, September 27, 2017

[ID Hospital Korea] Amazing mommy makeover and ID Hospital Korea!

<List of surgeries>

[A] Facial Fat Graft Surgery
Inserted her own fat to her flat forehead to make the face line dimensional

[B] Bambi Eyelid Surgery
Made clear and distinct eyes form the weak and hanging low eyes

[C] High-L Cheekbone Reduction Surgery
Made a volume and reduced width to make a dimensional but young facial line

[D] Barbie Line Nose Surgery
Sharpened her flat nose naturally and upgraded to a classy line

[E] Dermatology Care
Improved to lively and elastic skin from dry and drooping skin

[F] V-line Square Jaw Reduction Surgery
Made a slim and smooth feminine line to the tip of chin

[G] Orthodontic Treatment
orthodontic treatment along with aesthetic prosthetic treatment done for healthy and beautiful teeth

[H] V3 lifting
Completed elastic V-Line without any skin laxity by simple V3 Lifting procedure

[I] No-Tie Double Jaw Surgery
Made a balanced and dimensional generally by changing the sunken mid-face which was the main cause of gloomy looking and malocclusion

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