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Singaporean girl undergoing V line surgery in Korea and the result is absolutely amazing!

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Country: Singapore
Symptoms : Wide jaw
Surgery : V-line surgery 

Before Surgery

Hi, Im Valerie form Singapore.
I had a wide jaw ever since I was little and was never satisfied with my appearance.
So with my friends' recommendation, I decided to visit ID Hospital in Korea to have a facial contouring surgery called 'V-line surgery'.
And when I arrived there, was very surprised with the size of the hospital. Seriously, it's gigantic!


vline surgery/ plastic surgery/ singapore/ singaporean/ facial contouring surgery/ surgery
During the consultation I told Dr. Chung about how I wish to look after surgery. He spoke fluent English and listened to me very carefully and all that kind of his attitude really eased my mind before surgery. He was so gentle and professional!
I was very nervous when he started to draw on my face for a surgical design, but he told me not to worry and just be relaxed. So I tried haha!
And I couldnt wait for the surgery to be finished.

1 Week after surgery

So, this is one week after surgery. I know.. I was very swollen that time hahah
I looked like an angry toadfish.
The hospital provided a swelling care program to help relieving the swollen areas from surgery. It was very soothing and nice!

2 Week after surgery

vline surgery/ plastic surgery/ singapore/ singaporean/ facial contouring surgery/ surgery
 This photo here was when I went to the hospital for the second treatment after surgery in week two.
I got the stitches removed and believe or not, it wasnt that painful at all. Dr. Chung showed my before and after surgery X-rays and I could tell the difference right away..
It was hard to believe that some part of my bones are gone now.

1 month after surgery

vline surgery/ plastic surgery/ singapore/ singaporean/ facial contouring surgery/ surgery
Tadaa- look! One month after surgery!!
The result is great and Im very satisfied with it. Although I still have some minor swellings left and am in the healing process, my face has changed significantly. Now my face is much smaller and slimmer. Im definitely happy and would like to thank Dr. Chung again. 
Thank you so much doctor!!!!!

Valerie on YouTube!!

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