Friday, June 16, 2017

Cambodian girl, Thy Sovantha's after surgery review of ID Hospital Korea ♥

Name: Thy Sovantha
Nationality: Cambodia
Symptom: Upturned and bulbous nose / Square jaw
Surgery: V-line facial contouring surgery / Revisional rhinoplasty

Before surgery

Hi, my name is Thy and I'm from Cambodia.
I had my first rhinoplasty few years ago but wasn't very happy with it.
So I decided to have another touch to it and started searching for a hospital that does a good job with revision surgeries.

While searching I found ID Hospital in Korea and also found out that they are the only hospital in Korea specializing in bone surgeries. They were the hospital that does the amazing plastic surgery makeover show, 'Let Me In'!

I contacted the hospital through their free online consultation and the consultants were very kind. They helped me to get my visa permitted as well.
After getting everything ready, I flew over to Korea and it was easy for me to get to the hospital as they provided a limousine pick up service :)

Then I met my doctors, Dr. Kwon for facial contouring surgery and Dr. Choi for rhinoplasty.
Both of them were very gentle and seemed very professional.
Before the surgery, I had to go through a lot of health examinations such as ECG, blood check, X-ray and etc. I asked them why and the nurses told me because my safety is their top priority. How sweet!

And yes, of course I was very nervous on the surgery day but I laid on the bed, fell asleep after few seconds and when I was up, everything was done!

For the first few weeks I was very very swollen. This picture was when it was about 2 weeks after surgery. That day I got the stitches removed in my mouth. The stitch removal was a bit painful but was not as bad as what I thought it would be.

After Surgery

Now I’m back in Cambodia and it has been a little more than 3months after surgery. All of the swellings and my square jaw is gone, my bulbous nose is much slimmer than before.
I still have some minor swellings left but am already happy with the results and can’t wait to see the final result.
Thank you Dr. Kwon and Choi for the great works!

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