Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Korean guy undergoing double eyelids surgery and rhinoplasty - eye surgery, nose job, nose surgery, korean plastic surgery, plastic surgery before and after

Before                                       After

Name: Tae Woo Lee
Nationality: Korea
Concern: Excessive fats on eyes, Flat nose
Surgery: Seven lock non-incision double eyelids surgery,
Barbie line rhinoplasty

 Before surgery

I was just a regular man before the surgery.
There were too much fats on my eyes and my nose was so flat.

7 days after surgery

I think the first picture was taken 1 week after surgery.
I was swollen so I wore a mask when I went outside.
After one more week, I could go outside without a mask even I was still swollen.

2 weeks after surgery

I had my eye surgery with non-incision method and I was worried about untying but it came out so natural and lines are visible!
And the swellings went down so quickly so people around me kept asking me where I had the surgery.

1 month after surgery

I wanted to have natural looking eyes and I was so satisfied with the result!
My eyes became naturally bigger.
My nose became looking so natural as well.

4 months after surgery

My eyes and nose became naturally bigger and nose bridge looks visible now!
People around me tell that I look handsome after surgery haha

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