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Tiffany from America and her plastic surgery experience at ID Hospital Korea! - plastic surgery, V-line surgery, facial contouring surgery, rhinoplasty, america

Tiffany from Las Vegas and her plastic surgery experience at ID Hospital Korea!

Name: Tiffany

Country: USA

Surgery: V-line surgery, cheekbone reduction, rhinoplasty

Before surgery - Consultation day
Before surgery it was a very nerve wracking experience. ID Hospital is very modern and upscale. It was like walking into a 5 Star hotel except that this building was designed specifically for plastic surgery. Located in the heart of Gangnam, all of the beautiful Korean women were walking around in designer clothing. Even Chanel and Hermes would be overwhelmed by this atmosphere! But it goes on to show how high class ID Hospital is. It was just like walking around Beverly Hills! 

Firstly, I would like to say that the hospital took amazing care of me during the consultation and in guiding me throughout all of the procedures. I knew deep down this was the best clinic I could have chosen. My doctor was prompt, professional and very handsome. They made the process go by quite easily. The hospital is extremely advanced in technology and so X-rayed my facial bone structure and had the results right at the spot; all in one building. So we got the consultation, X-rays and the plan of surgery all done within one day. This made the whole process extremely swift and easy. The English translator made me feel right at home and at times even took her own time to help me get accustomed to Korea. She helped me to exchange money from USD to KRW. All of the English translators at the hospital are very nice! I don’t know what I would have done without them.

Consultation with the doctor

plastic surgery, V-line surgery, facial contouring surgery, rhinoplasty, america

After surgery - Week 1
After the surgery, and in the 24 hours of the complimentary stay at ID hospital, the nurses took good care of me. I was in massive pain and my whole face was bandaged up. My jaw, chin and nose were all clogged up and I could not have any water for hours which was hell, but the nurses wet a gauze and gave me a cup of water to drip into my mouth to stop my mouth from drying up. This was because I could not breathe through my nose. I highly recommend that you bring someone along with you. I was extremely swollen up and emotional which is completely normal after a major surgery like mine. But I do promise you, it is so beautiful to watch yourself heal and blossom into your new face!

During this time, the doctor and English translator came to visit and check up on me. I was so relieved to get out of there! The translator helped me get dressed and transferred me to the hotel provided by the hospital (it’s called Young dong Hotel and located right next to the hospital). The translator was very helpful and assisted me to check into the hotel along with getting my medication. She also occasionally checked in on me. 

During my recovery, I would go next door and get my splints and casts checked and cleaned, and my stitches removed within a week. The girls and the main surgeons are extremely polite and professional. The best part was ID’s swelling care that they provide, the Intensive Recovery Program! They did amazing massages and facials for me to reduce swelling with state of the art equipment. They go above and beyond! 

Waiting for the treatment and after surgery photos
plastic surgery, V-line surgery, facial contouring surgery, rhinoplasty, america
Swelling Care
plastic surgery, V-line surgery, facial contouring surgery, rhinoplasty, america

After surgery - 1 month
Also after departing Korea, the English translators took very great care of me. I felt as if they were my friends I have known for a while. They set up the transportations to and from the hospital, and made sure I made my appointments on time by in-between checkups. It is very hard going to Korea alone for a big surgery so I suggest bringing someone along with you. It is also a very emotional and life changing experience if you get a major surgery. Although I was alone in Korea, the translators made me feel so at home. They made my experience very pleasant.

The last few days spent in Korea was a bittersweet goodbye, I had a very good experience with the hospital and would highly recommend them, they’re even better than the hospitals I’ve visited in Beverly Hills. 

Picture with Dr. Kwon :))
plastic surgery, V-line surgery, facial contouring surgery, rhinoplasty, america

After surgery - 2 month and now
My jaw and chin are still quite swollen as well as my nose, which is totally normal. The swelling and emotional trauma has now gone away. I feel so much more confident in everything that I do. I get looks and stares from wherever I go. ID Hospital has truly helped me to blossom. Although it has only been a few months, my transformation has been quite dramatic and the full results will only get better and better as my face settles down in 6 - 12 months. Day by day, I am still noticing minimal changes as my face is healing and tightening up from the surgery. As promised, I will keep you all updated!

plastic surgery, V-line surgery, facial contouring surgery, rhinoplasty, america

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