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Let's learn about ID's Timeline

ID Hospitals Timeline

ID Hospital, the FIRST to specialize in maxillofacial surgery in ASIA!

ID Plastic Surgery Clinic was the first plastic surgery clinic
to perform orthognathic surgery professionally,
a procedure that was performed by only university hospitals in the past.
10 years since ID Hospital's inception, it is now Asia's top hospital 
in maxillofacial surgery under a new name, ID Hospital.

---- ID Hospitals Timeline ----
03 Method of chin lengthening with V Line surgery published on Journal of the American Society of Plastic             Surgeons
         Awarded with The 8th Rep. of Korea Service Satisfaction

12 Opening of ID Dermatology
08 Invisible V Line, Invisible Two Jaw implement
05 Guest speaker invitation of Facial Contouring doctor J.H. Lee at The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic        Surgery Academic Conference
05 Awarded with “First Choice, Excellent Hospital” by Child Fund Korea
04 Awarded with Excellent Medical Tourism Partners
02 1st University Studnets’ supporters Welcoming Ceremony

12 Awarded with Appreciation Plaque for Excellent Health Care Enterprise
10 Opening of ID Beauty-Plex
08 Gangnam-gu Finding New Face Project’ free medical support
07 Publication of New Plastic Surgery Code : Two Jaw Surgery
          Extension opening of ID Dental Hospital
04 The 4th ID International Orthognathic Surgery and Orthodontic Treatment symposium
01 Hankyung BNT Medical Awards : Category in Two Jaw Surgery

11 CASS (Computer Aided Surgical Simulation) Presentation on Two Jaw surgery and operation
05 Mini V Line chin surgery presentation and operation
04 Held the 3rd ID Orthodontic Treatment Orthognathic Surgery Symposium
         Invited to Korea Cranium Facial Plastic Surgery Academy Spring Symposium
03 Overseas voluntary activities for facial anomaly children
         Invited to International Conference 3rd William H. Bell Lectureship

11 No Tie Two Jaw surgery presentation and operation
10 Selected as Gangnam Medical Beauty Hub Nurturing Project
06 Selected as Gangnam Medical Tour Associate Medical Organization
05 Held the 1st ID V Line Symposium
         Opening of ID aesthetic branch in Shanghai, China 
04 The 2nd ID Orthodontic Treatment Orthognathic Surgery Symposium
         Opening of ID Dentistry branch
03 Seoul City Appointed Associate Medical Organisation
01 Applied Orthognathic Surgery related patent for the first time in Korea
    (Production method of wafer for Othodonthic treatment operation)

09 Opening of Jaw Joint Center; Non-Surgical Facial Bone Contouring Center; Eye Plastic Surgery Center and          operate 8 major professional centers
09 Hankyung Newspaper Awards of Medical Korea : Category in Plastic Surgery
06 Selected as medical organisation for inducing foreign patients by Ministry of Health and Welfare
04 Held the 4th ID Orthodontic Treatment Orthognathic Surgery Symposium
         ID Hospital extension opening (Medical institution as hospital level)

ID Hospital, where happier faces are discovered.
(From facial bone to eyes and nose plastic surgery)
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Tel (English Hotline): +82-2-3496-9783 / +82-2-3496-9787 /+82-2-3496-9785
ID Mobile : +82-10-3187-5905

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Skype / Kakao ID: idhospitalkorea
Whatsapp: +821031875905

 New AddressID Hospital, 142, Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
(OLD address: ID Hospital, 5-6, Gangnam-gu, Seoul)
- Walk straight for 200 meters from exit 1 of Sinsa Station (line 3). We’re located next to Young Dong Hotel.