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Jenna Talackova is back at ID Hospital!!

The Canadian Transgender Model / TV Star is back!

Two years post-op! 

Jenna Talackova first rose to fame as the first transgendered woman to compete in the Miss Universe Canada pageant back in 2012, after initially being disqualified because she was not a "naturally born female." After the sudden disqualification, a lawsuit was filed against the pageant owner, Donald Trump, which ultimately lead to the elimination of the rule that kept transgender women out of the Miss Universe Pageant.

In 2014, Talackova further pursued her dreams of modelling and acting, leading to the premiere of the hit reality series on E! known as Brave New Girls

Why did she visit ID Hospital back in 2013?

At a young age, Jenna Talackova had fallen and struck her lower jaw, causing a collision and misalignment between both the maxilla and mandible (upper and lower jaw). With age, these problems increased, causing functional issues like chewing, slurring, and speaking problems. In addition, not only did the accident cause functional problems, but it also caused her jaw to grow more big and wide, inevitably leading to a more masculine facial contour.

Back in 2013, she had researched and visited many plastic surgery hospitals in both America and Korea, but ultimately chose Dr. Park of ID Hospital. She chose Dr. Park simply because she knew he was the best and because she felt comfortable with him at an instant. She even mentioned that other hospitals offered a full discount, but she declined. She came to ID Hospital and paid for her surgery with Dr. Park when she could have underwent free surgery at another hospital.

Why did she return to ID Hospital?

Simple. Because she adores Korean culture and loves Korea. Also, she came by to see Dr. Park again. 
After all, she wanted the best doctor rather than a free surgery. She adores Dr. Park and wishes to tell her story to everyone who is considering this complex surgery.

Check out her video review before the surgery from 2013

Check out her video review from after the surgery back in 2013

 Two years post-op

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 Jenna Talckova and her

Facial Contouring Experience at ID Hospital


Her new hit reality TV show, Brave New Girl!
Only 3 months post operation!
Read on to see her surgical progress at ID Hospital every step of the way!

(Below) Jenna Talackova at only 3 months post operation!

Jenna Talackova has underwent facial contouring and orthnognatic surgery here at ID Hospital

For those of you who don't already know, Jenna Talackova is a Canadian model and television personnel who gained worldwide attention back in 2012 when she successfully waged a legal battle after being disqualified for being a transgender woman.
Talackova had previously competed in the 2012 Miss International Queen pageant for transgender and transexual women in Thailand, and later went on to compete for the Miss Universe Canada 2012 competition, until she was recognize by an anonymous tipper, thus being disqualified from the pageant completely.
Talackova later contacted a lawyer who took the case and challenged pageant organizers including Donald Trump, who is the owner of the Miss Universe organization, to reverse the competition and to allow her to compete. She proudly made it to the Top 12, but failed to reach the top 5. She was, however, awarded the title of Miss Congeniality.

So what's her reason for traveling across the world to visit ID Hospital in Korea?

At a tender age, Talackova had fallen and collided her jaw, leading to disorders throughout her life including, but not limited to, drooling, slurring in speech, pronunciation disability, as well as the complex of living as a man with a more masculine facial contour.  Our director and lead doctor, Dr. Park Sang Hoon, who performed Talackova’s surgeries, exclaimed, “ Ms. Talackova may be beautiful inside and out, but the transgender nature, from early on, inevitably undergoes masculine facial bone development. For her, she experienced this as well as jaw dysfunction as well as functional problematic issues early on.”

Jenna Talackova undergoes thorough medical exams, tests, scans, and analysis prior to surgery

Talackova underwent surgery in the upper jaw (maxilla) as well as the lower (mandible) to cut the bone in the right position to move the jaw. The elongated lower jaw, protruded mouth, as well as facial asymmetry due to misalignment in teeth.
Starting from the early 60s, what began in Europe has been perfected and advanced by Korea and is years ahead of its time.
ID Hospital, the hospital where Jenna Talackova received her surgeries, is situated on the Beauty Belt of Apgujeong, Gangnam, Korea and has superior, advanced technology where it was first introduced. Interpreters are also available for the convenience of patients, as well as limousine services and high quality post-operative services.

Now let's see the progress!

Talackova 3 weeks after surgery. Can you tell she is swollen?

Talackova 4 weeks after surgery
(Top) With Dr. Park
(Bottom) A lovely selfie~
 A lot more defined, right? Still definitely swollen though~

Talackova 6 weeks after surgery. Her facial contour just continues to become more, and more  defined, doesn't it?

Jenna Talackova's beautiful facial contour under the hands of ID Hospital
Only 2.5 months post-op!

And for the most updated photo so far....


Jenna Talackova's beautiful facial contour under the hands of ID Hospital
Only 3 months post-op!

And getting more and more defined by the day!

In this year alone, 34 countries from all around the world have traveled across the world in order to visit the plastic surgery hospital. Recognized by the US, Canada, Europe, and other countries as one of the most developed countries for plastic surgery, the number of foreigner patients visiting is increasing. ID Hospital in 2011, compared to the total in 2013, which has increased approximately in a 4-fold, whereas American patients is about 7 times the amount, and 14 times in Japan, as well as 6 times for United Kingdom and Singapore. Interpreters are also available for the convenience of patients, as well as limousine services and high quality post-operative services.

Meanwhile, Jenna Talackova, who was born as a son to her mother and father in Czechoslovakia, underwent gender reassignment surgery when she was 19 in 2008.  She was Miss Vancouver 2012, however failed to advance due to the discovery of her being transgender. However, this apparent discrimination criticism of public opinion lead to a online petition with more than 20,000 signatures was received. She later returned to the contest and proudly made it to the top 12 out of 62 women. She is currently the face of many various magazines and is also featured on television as a model as well.

 Talackova on E! after her surgeries

Real people

Real Results :)

  The trust of beauty lays in the promising hands of ID Hospital ★☆

Real people, real results

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ID hospital korea review
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