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[ID hospital review] ID Hospital's Partner Hotels :D

<ID Hospital's Partner Hotels :D>
Did you know we offer few hotels near our hospital at special price??

If your surgery amount exceeds 3 million KRW and send us deposit to book a surgery,
we provide free aiport pick-up as well as hotel arrangement!

Price is ranged from 50,000KRW~200,000KRW per night.

Please enquire within to find out more information :D

1. Innthecity Nonhyun (★★★)

Phone : +82-2-3446-2727

Address : 122-8 Nonhyun-dong, Kangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

Special features: 15mins by car from hospital, Breakfast included, Lunch provided for weekdays only

Cooking, laundry facilities available, many convenience store and restaurants located nearby

2mins to Nonhyun station by walk, free wi-fi provided

Reasonable price with good value! Good ratings among patients :D

Evada Residence (★★)

Phone Number: +82-2-515-3248

Address : Seoul Gangnam-gu Nonhyeon-dong 20

Special features: 10mins by car from hospital, free wi-fi, Public kitchen, 3mins to Shinsa station by walk

Affordable price, plastic surgery patients friendly :D


3. Hotel sunshine (★★★★)

Phone number: +82-2-541-1818

Address: Seoul Gangnam-gu Dosandaero 205 (Sinsa-dong)

Special features: 5mins by car from hospital, Breakfast available for extra 12,000KRW

Free wi-fi, fridge available, Cafe, bakery and restaurants located nearby, 10mins walk to Apgujeong station

The closest hotel from our hospital, very clean room!


4. Imperial Palace Hotel (★★★★★)

Phone number: +82-2-3440-8000

Address: Seoul Gangnam-gu Unju-ro 640 (nonhyeon-dong)


Special features: 10mins by car from hospital, Fitness center, swimming pool, wifi, fridge available

8 mins walk to Hakdong station
If you're looking for a luxury choice! Friendly staff and great facilities :)
Real people, real results
ID hospital korea review

 ID hospital korea review

ID Hospital, where happier faces are discovered.


(From facial bone to eyes and nose plastic surgery)



 ID hospital korea review


Tel (English Hotline): +82-2-3496-9783+82-2-3496-9783 / +82-2-3496-9785+82-2-3496-9785 / +82-2-3496-9787+82-2-3496-9787



Kakao ID: idhospitalkorea

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Address: ID Building 574-2 Shinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

ID hospital korea review
ID hospital korea review

Eye surgery/Nose Surgery/ Fat Injection Surgery / eye job, nose job, dermal fat graft surgery / botox
Korea cosmetic surgery / korea cosmetic plastic surgery / korea cosmetic plastic surgery before and after
korean cosmetic surgery / korea celebrity plastic surgery korea cosmetic surgery before and after (eye)
eye surgery / eye job / double eyelid surgery / eye revision surgery / secondary eyelid surgery
ptosis correction / non incision eyelid surgery / lower eyelid surgery / eyelid surgery / lateral canthoplasty
levator surgery / eyelid contouring surgery / lower blepharoplasty / upper blepharoplasty
epicanthoplasty / incision eyelid surgery
nose surgery / nose job / rhinoplasty / nose bridge / alar reduction / bridge augmentation / augmentation rhinoplasty / nasal tip / deviated nose / hump nose / short nose / long nose
cheek augmentation / facial contouring / laser liposuction / flat forehead / fat injection

dermal fat graft surgery / fat transfer / botox / dermal fillers / fat microinjection

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