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Breast Enlargement Surgery before and after photos

The following paragraphs are reviews and before and after photos of a patient who underwent breast augmentation surgery at ID Hospital, Korea.

"I show you a pre-surgery photo, first."

"I’m writing down this review to be helpful for those who are considering breast enlargement surgery.
I chose round-shaped, 320cc implants and transaxillary technique (incisions are made at the armpits).
It’s been 3 months and I’m quite satisfied with the result :D

The shape and size of breasts are important, but I’m going to marry and give a birth so I consider the quality of implants the most in choosing hospital, regardless of the cost of surgery.
My friends told me that cheap implants will require implant replacement in 10 years.
ID Hospital uses a refined product from Allergan, Inc., and the product lasts more than 20 years. So, I contemplate for days and finally decide to have my breast surgery at ID Hospital because it seems like they use better qualified implant, and the consultation with a breast surgery specialist was very trustworthy."

"I didn’t expect that I would have breast augmentation surgery a couple of years ago.
I didn’t know how important the size and the shape of breasts when I was in early 20s.
When I turned into late 20s, my breasts started to sag and shrink. Using pads under the bar was not enough to solve the problem. So, I decide to have breast surgery.

My body was stiff for the first 3 days after surgery as if I was beaten.
Soon, however, I got used to it and it became better and better. It wasn’t seriously pain.
I chose transaxillary technique, so it was uncomfortable whenever I moved my arms.
The discomfort became totally fine 2 weeks after the surgery~

Mine is C from A. My boops look so sexy even though I just wear a sport bra. Specifically, I love my cleavage when I wear V-neck shirt. When I touch my boops, they are very smooth as if they were originally mine."

Hwang, Dong Yeon M.D. is specialized in aesthetic plastic surgery, such as eye surgery, nose surgery, breast surgery, filler or botox injection, etc. Dr. Hwang is also actively attending various kinds of seminars.

ID Hospital is equipped with high-tech medical device and building. So, patients' safety is guaranteed here at ID.

ID Hospital is also awarded from the Ministry of Health and Welfare as for one of the best medical institutes in 2012. In 2014, ID Hospital won the prize of the Customer Service Awards. ID Hospital endlessly tries to improve its medical skill and technology as well as customer services for patients' sake. 

We are always nearby you~! You are available via the following methods (9am – 6pm, Mon – Fri):
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