Thursday, February 20, 2020

ID Hospital Korea before and after: plastic surgery makeover story and photoshoot of Xiomary

2019 ID Model Xiomary had a total plastic surgery makeover in Korea. She had V line surgery, forehead reduction, full face fat grafting, v3 thread lift and under eye fat repositioning to achieve softer and more feminine facial balance.
id hospital korea before after
“Since a very long time I’ve wanted to reduce my jaw and chin.  I’ve always searched videos and reviews online and ID Hospital always stood out as the best to me” – Xiomary shared with us during her pre op interview.
plastic surgery makeover
id hospital korea before after
Her plastic surgery makeover result turned out perfect. Xiomary took part in a special photoshoot to demonstrate her regained confidence and happiness.
id hospital korea plastic surgery

 “I’m very satisfied. I feel like I still look like myself but a way better version!” – Xiomary said 3 months after she had her surgery done.
id hospital korea plastic surgery
After the surgery Xiomary has achieved a slick and smooth jaw line, more balanced forehead size. Moreover, she got rid of dark circles under eyes that made her look tired. Additionally full face graft and thread lifting made her face look fresh and tightened.
id hospital korea plastic surgery
Xiomary interview:

Monday, February 17, 2020

Facial feminization surgery in Korea: 4 months post op real selfie story

Before the surgery

before after transgender facial feminization surgery in korea

I'm Regina, and I came to Korea by my own to get multiple procedures. My main goals were prominent, "barbie-like" nose, slick jaw line and a smaller forehead to get a more feminine look. In addition, I decided to go with fat graft, acculift and lifting to maximize the feminization result.
I heard a lot about ID Hospital and I was amazed by the FFS results, so I went to Korea with no hesitation.

Consultation day

transgender facial feminization surgery

My doctors were Kim Il Hwan for Barbie Line rhinoplasty, Lee Tae Sung for forehead reduction and fat graft and acculift by Lee Kyung Min. I loved that  I had 3 surgeons separately for each individual surgery. The consultation went smoothly, the surgeons were very honest about the result I could achieve, and I really appreciated it.
id hospital transgender surgery

After the surgery

facial feminization surgery korea before and after

The recovery phase went well, the hardest part was mouth breathing because of rhinoplasty. I haven't experienced much pain or inconvenience, the hospital staff was very helpful and attentive. ID's facial treatments and fancy lasers helped to reduce my swelling, and after I got my nose cast and stitches removed I was ready to get back to my daily life.
before after facial feminization surgery in korea

Before the surgery I had such a hard time when taking pics without hair extensions and make up , and I feel so much happier and more confident now. That was a life-changing decision!
transgender facial feminization surgery result korea

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Japanese model had a dramatic plastic surgery makeover in ID Hospital, Korea

Takashi Meimi  from Japan had a full plastic surgery makeover in ID Hospital. A Korean news portal has published an article about her amazing transformation.  Now she is enjoying her life and new opportunities. Here is Meimi’s before and after picture. 
plastic surgery makeover in id hospital

Meimi got her surgeries in 2018. She said that it was the best decision she had ever made and that her life has changed 180 degrees. Here is what she’s got in ID Hospital:
➖Double Jaw surgery
➖Mini V line
➖Philtrum reduction
➖Non incisional double eyelids
➖Lateral canthoplasty + Lowering canthoplasty

plastic surgery makeover
   Takashi has become well-known after uploading her before / after pictures in the social media. She stated that she had spent 70 000 000 KRW for her plastic surgeries. After her makeover she used to be a member of a idol group “AXE”. Now she is building her career in AV business. “I have thought of doing AV acting for a long time.” – she says.
plastic surgery makeover
We thank Takashi Meimi for entrusting her beauty to ID Hospital and wish her all the best in her future career!
plastic surgery makeover

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Friday, December 27, 2019

Full Face lift, double eyelid surgery with lifting and lower blepharoplasty in ID Hospital, real review

Before surgery

I've always had deeper nasolabial folds than other women of my age, but when I turned 60 I was told that I look tired and sleepy because of my droopy eye shape.  I've decided to get a surgery before it was too late, because I wanted to get compliments again.

I went to ID Hospital to get Full Face Lift to improve sagging skin and lifting double eyelid surgery and lower blepharoplasty for my sleepy eyes.


3 weeks 

After 3 weeks I still had some swelling, but most of the fine lines and deep wrinkles on my face were gone.

3 months

Just as my doctor said, the swelling went down step by step because I followed all post op instructions. After 3 months I started wearing more make up and taking more pictures.

5 months

People around me say that my skin is glowing and shining. I think I haven't got so much attention even when I was younger than now! Thanks to ID Hospital I'm much happier now. I think I even smile and laugh more, and it's only because I feel more beautiful!
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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

ZEIT Magazine: ID Hospital experience

A famous magazine “Die Zeit” is considered to be one of the biggest and most reputable German newspaper and it’s known for its long history and extensive articles. One of its recent articles called “Glossier, Grander, Gangnam” is devoted to the topic of plastic surgery in Korea mentioning ID Hospital as one of the biggest plastic surgery clinics. The journalist of Zeit Magazine shared her ID Hospital experience.
“Floor 15 of ID Hospital is decorated in marble and pale pink, the soft strains of lounge music occasionally interrupted by the drone of the coffeemaker. Like all large clinics in Seoul, ID Hospital claims to be the number one when it comes to art of perfecting its patients’ external appearances. Outside the clinic’s broad windows, meanwhile, buildings are being torn down and rebuilt. Whatever isn’t yet beautiful here will be made beautiful.” – stated in Zeit’s article.
id hospital experience
The article then describes the story of one of ID Hospital patients Ann Rithmyxay who underwent anti aging surgeries.  Ann received a lower blepharoplasty surgery last September from ID’s upper and lower blepharoplasty specialist  dr. Hwang In Seok and mini face lift by lifting specialist dr. Seo Young  Tae. She also shared her thoughts about ID Hospital experience:
“I wanted the best clinic,” says a woman waiting for her appointment in a cream-hued armchair. Her name is Ann Rithmyxay and she has traveled all the way from the U.S. for her upcoming operation, a present to herself for her 53rd birthday. Ten years ago, Rithmyxay says, she began suffering from depression and gained weight from the medication. Her face grew puffy, she says, and then started to sag as she aged.
id hospital experience
She says she scrolled through Instagram looking at before-and-after photos from Korea and thought: “What if?” She would read testimonials from patients, closed the app and opened it again. Finally, after two years, she says, “I found the courage.” Rithmyxay booked a facelift, a flight and a hotel for her two-and-a-half-week trip, her first time in Seoul.
It doesn’t take long before an English-speaking marketing team comes to greet her in the lounge, women in rose colored outfits and heels. Hello, Annyeonghaseyo! They hand Rithmyxay a form about allergies and previous illnesses. Next to her, a patient who is also waiting for her appointment, asks: “What are you getting? You are so beautiful already!”
A consultant leads Rithmyxay into a small room with a flat-screen TV on which a Korean talent show is currently playing — slender women sitting with their legs crossed. On a wooden table, there are a hand mirror, magazines and a cranial bone. Now the time has come to talk about scars and medication, about how long the swelling will last and the aftereffects of general anesthesia. Following the procedure, the consultant says, she should breathe through her mouth so that the anesthetic gas can escape. Then, the consultant thanks Rithmyxay for her time and leaves. Two additional consultants then come in to talk about money. The entire procedure is to cost $11,000. Rithmyxay signs.”

id hospital experience
The article also describes ID Hospital Beautyplex for botox and fillers and Slimmingplex for losing weight. We are very pleased to be featured in a well-known European Mass Media and encourage others to share their ID Hospital experience.
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Monday, December 23, 2019

Tomoko's life changing experience of double jaw orthognathic surgery, V line surgery, cheekbone reduction, acculift and fat graft in ID Hospital


The idea of getting plastic surgery wasn’t sudden to me. I have always wanted to change my face contour because of the wide facial bone. ID Hospital is the most well-known facial bone hospital in the whole Asia, that’s why I chose Korea over Japan for my plastic surgery journey.

I had No Tie Double Jaw surgery, V line surgery, Cheekbone reduction, Acculift and Fat graft all by dr. Lee Seokjae.


2 weeks 

I had a feeling of a sore throat until 2 weeks post op. It’s interesting that at the night time the face is getting slimmer and looks normal, and in the morning it’s chubby and big again. A good thing is the temporary sense loss is getting back to normal again, and the left side of my face has a lot of sense back!

1 month

One month after the surgery my face looked a little asymmetrical because the swelling went down differently, and I was worried about it. However the sensation became normal, and I was also able to open my mouth widely for the first time since the surgery and eat more various food after mouth opening exercises.
I am looking forward to see the result after the swelling subsides.

3 months

I'm glad that the swelling has come down! I can come back to my daily routine normally! Recently the more people around me say I look prettier and cuter, the more confident I feel! Until now I didn't like to see my pictures, but now I really enjoy taking them!

5 months

As the swelling has gone the shape of my face in the last month is very different! It’s fun to see the daily changes.

9 months

I'm happy because now I have a perfect face shape. It's really amazing how the surgery can change not only the facial bone shape, but also the quality of life. I only regret that I haven’t done it earlier.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Russian lady had anti aging procedures in ID Hospital (Full Facelift, Browlift, Brepharoplasty)

Before surgery 

As I'm in my 60s now I'm concerned about all aging signs that appeared on my face such as lines, wrinkles, saggy skin and loss of facial volume. I was amazed by the dramatic anti aging results of Korean surgeons, and that was one of the reasons why I chose Korea for my surgeries.



I had consultation with dr. Choi Jae Ho. I was really worried at first, but in the end I really enjoyed consultation with him - very friendly, smiling and patient.

He recommended Full face lift, Brow lift and lower blepharoplasty for me, so I just went with his recommendation and was ready to become more beautiful.


After surgery

1 week

The thing I worried the most was pain. But surprisingly, I haven't felt any pain even after 1 day. I didn't feel any inconvenience even when I had to stay in ward, because nurses were always there to assist. The most uncomfortable part was 2-3 day after surgery, when I experienced the most bruising and swelling.

Apart from that I had no problems. I got eye stitches removed after 1 week, and lifting stitches removed 2 weeks after. The incision line was visible, but the doctor told me to use scar ointment for this area to help it heal faster.

2 weeks

I had amazing post operation care treatments that included lasers, facial massage, mask and more. It feels like a separate SPA salon with relaxing music and vip service. After 2 weeks I was ready to go home.

1 month

Almost no bruising or swelling left, especially when I started to use make up.

3 months 

The result looks perfect. The saggy skin was carefully tightened with no "over" effect, everything healed very nice.

5 months

I had an amazing photo shoot and I couldn't be happier with my plastic surgery choice. ID Hospital staff is very attentive and meticulous and helped me throughout my journey. I feel like I'm 20 years younger!