Friday, November 30, 2018

Canadian transgender has FFS in Korea : Amazing results!

Gigi came from Canada 6 months ago to have her FFS at ID Hospital Korea. Here are her 6 months results! 

She had the following surgeries, Rhinoplasty, V-line Surgery, Cheekbone Reduction Surgery, Brow Bone Reduction Surgery and Forehead Reduction Surgery.

These are all considered facial feminization surgeries (FFS).

Gigi during consultation 

ID: Hi Gigi! It’s been 6 months since you FFS at ID hospital! Tell us how did you progress after you left Korea? How was the healing process?

Gigi: The healing process has been going well for me. I sometimes get the odd sudden pain in my face but it only lasts for a couple seconds but other than that, everything else is great.

ID: How do you feel after having your FFS at ID hospital? Are you satisfied with the results?

Gigi: I feel good about my surgeries so far. I'm still healing so I hope in another 6 months’ time, I’ll be fully satisfied with the results.

2 weeks after surgery results 

ID: Have the surgeries improved your confidence the way you imagined?

Gigi: Yes, the surgeries have improved my confidence level. I can now walk more confidently. There is a distinct difference from before the surgery. I am so glad I had my FFS at ID hospital.

ID: How did your friends and family react after seeing your surgery results?

Gigi: Everyone has been telling me how much more beautiful I look, and how natural the surgery results are. It doesn't look fake or unnatural, and no one really knows unless I tell them I had surgery.

One month results : lot of swelling present (swelling reduced asymmetrically)

ID: Do other people notice you have had surgery? Do you talk about your surgeries to others?

Gigi: Other people who I've been meeting after my surgeries have no idea I had any work done because I do look so "soft" and "natural". 

If I feel comfortable talking to new people about my surgeries I will but they can't really tell. I just look more naturally pretty.

ID: Will you have more surgical procedures?

Gigi: As of right now, I don't think I need any more surgeries on my face.

ID: Would you recommend FFS at ID hospital to other patients, and why?

Gigi: Yes, I would recommend having FFS at ID hospital to others because the doctors I had were so experienced on FFS and had worked on other trans patients, so I really trusted them.

ID: Any tips for patients coming to Korea to have surgery for the first time?

Gigi: My recommendation for new patients going to Korea would be to educate yourself on the doctors there and don't be afraid because you are in very good hands. 

ID: What would you like to say to other patients who are considering FFS? Any messages you would like to share?

Gigi: Do your research on FFS, and don't be afraid to ask questions to the doctor and tell them what YOU WANT. 

Don't worry about what others find "beautiful". Beauty comes from the inside and it will show.

If you want to have your FFS online consultation, click here.

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