Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Breast Augmentation Surgery Review! Getting ready for summer with a great beach body!

Nationality: Korean 
Desired Surgery : Breast Augmentation
Surgery performed: Full HD Breast Augmentation 

I was always insecure about my breast size. Korean women usually have smaller breasts due to being petite but I felt like mine were smaller than average. Especially when dieting, the first place I would lose weight was my chest, so I wanted to get surgery to make them bigger. Not too big! Just enough to give me a womanly figure! So I decided to go to ID Hospital, and get a breast augmentation surgery.

1 week post-surgery

A week has passed since I have had surgery! The first few days were most difficult, but it keeps getting better daily. My shoulders were still, and I was so swollen, even my face! The swelling is slowly reducing, but my breasts still feel stiff. I hope it will get better with time.

1 month post-surgery

With the aftercare treatments, the swelling has gone down a lot! I have also been doing some light walking so the swelling in my belly area has completely gone, but I love the results so far. I do know they will look more natural and a little smaller as I continue healing. I am looking forward to the results.
I am so happy I had my breast surgery at ID Hospital!

I love my new shape, and feel so confident! I cannot wait to show off my body this summer!

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