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[Korea Plastic Surgery] Finding the right V-Line Procedure For Me: V-Line vs. Mini V vs. V3 Lifting


To many people, V is just another letter in the alphabet but to women in Korea and throughout Asia, it also comes to symbolize the ideal face shape with high cheekbones and narrowed jaw and chin, which creates a slim V-shape that looks classically beautiful and elegant. Typical Asian faces tend to have more of a U or square shape with a prominent mandible angle.

In order to create this ideal V face shape, a surgical procedure was created that excises the angled portions, reducing the size of the jaw significantly. The V-Line surgery was originally created as a procedure to help treat cancer and other diseases, however ID Hospital's Dr. Park Sang-Hoon was the first plastic surgeon in the world to incorporate this medical procedure into plastic surgery using a method that eliminates the risk of nerve damage. His research and findings were later published in the Journal of the Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons as well as in the Journal for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the "Plastic and Reconstrutive Surgery" Journal.

V-Line surgery at ID Hospital is performed using melting pins that are broken down and transformed into water, leaving no trace that they were ever used. This eliminates yet another fear or worry that patients had about having additional surgery remove the pins or having the pins show up in X-rays.

For patients who want  a slimming effect without going through such a procedure, there is the Mini-V Line surgery, which consists a chin osteotomy as well as partial mandible reduction. This procedure would still create a more balanced and slender face and requires less recovery time than V-Line surgery. It is recommended for patients who do not have a prominent mandible or who have a fear of undergoing a larger, more complicated procedure.

For patients who want a minimally invasive procedure (i.e. no bone cutting), V3 Lifting is for you! V3 Lifting can alter the appearance of your face by tightening loose skin, muscle, and fat to create the slender line you've always wanted. There is no scar and no hospitalization needed.

The ideal face shape you've always wanted is a consultation away! If you are curious about any of the above procedures, please contact us and we would be happy to assist you!

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ID hospital korea review

 ID hospital korea review

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 ID hospital korea review


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ID hospital korea review
ID hospital korea review

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  1. One advice I can add is to be sure that your surgeon is a rhinoplasty specialist. You wouldn't want an inexperienced surgeon to agree to place a huge implant in your nose that will look unnatural and cause problems in the future. You need to be careful what you ask for and who you ask it of.

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