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[ID hospital review] Breast augmentation at ID hospital!

 Breast augmentation review at ID hospital
Age : 25 years old
Name : Jihye Kim
Concern: Small breasts
Type of surgery : Bikini Breast surgery

Before the surgery
I hope this posting will be helpful for those who are considering breast augmentation.
My concern was small breast. I used to wear only big T-shirt and my body looked like a child’s
One day, I’ve started researching online and even asked my friends about information on good hospital. I thought hospital system is very important for my safety. Since ID hospital was one of biggest hospital in Korea, they even took very good care of me when I went for a consultation.
After consultation, I immediately book my surgery.

After I wake up from anesthesia, I was quite dizzy for about 2 hours. One of my friend had the same surgery with me at another hospital. I was very worried because she said she couldn’t move at all after surgery with a lot pain. But I luckily I didn’t feel much pain!
I could stand up and sit down by myself and washing face, brushing my teeth was no problem. I’ve discharged from the hospital about afternoon 4pm, a nurse said I won’t get much sleep because of pain but again, luckily I had very good and comfortable sleep.
I went back to the hospital for treatment next day and doctor said the surgery was successful.
I looked my breast through the mirror at hospital and I felt so happy already! Wow!

10 days after surgery
Originally stitches have to be removed on day 7, but I had it removed on day 10.
It’s only been 10 days but I unconsciously keep touching my breast. Lol
I can feel they are different in the morning and evening. It’s like they are changing every day.
There is nothing uncomfortable with daily life. I’m going to walk from time to time since I’ve been advised to avoid harsh exercise. Even if I wear big T-shirt, I can still see my breast has become bigger. J

14days after surgery
14 days after surgery today! A bit of uncomfortable feelings disappeared. My breasts are becoming more and more softer every day. I think I should throw away my old under wears. I felt so happy because I have more choices at the under wear shop! Doctor said I can wear wired bra after 6 month. I can’t wait until then!

1 month after surgery
When I was at the hospital the other day, I had many questions but doctor answered me in very kind manner. He said I only need to wear shaping bra at night from now on. Yay!
My sensation is coming back and mostly, it feels so natural and smooth. It’s like they are my original breasts. Lol
The surgery was very satisfactory. I don’t know why I was so afraid of. I should’ve done this earlier! Nowadays, I feel so happy every day. J

2 months after surgery
Now I’m in love with shopping underwear~ before the surgery, I always was shy and embarrassed about my tiny breast. But now my breasts become C cup, and I feel much more confidence!
Swelling seems to be almost gone. Since all of the ID hospital’s medical staff took such a good care of me, I feel like I recovered even faster! It was great choice that I had my breast surgery with ID hospital.

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ID hospital korea review

 ID hospital korea review

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 ID hospital korea review


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ID hospital korea review
ID hospital korea review

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