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A Malaysian who had double jaw surgery at a ID plastic surgery hospital in Korea

A Malaysian lady who had underbite, mandibular prognathism (long and protruding chin), and facial asymmetry underwent orthognathic surgery at ID Hospital.

Here is her self reviews of jaw surgery :D

Hello~ I am a mixed Malaysian.

When I was 15 years old, I realized that my chin was protruding out. I’ve had orthodontic treatment for a long time and finally underwent double jaw surgery on June 30th.

July 30th was the day when it became a month and when I was supposed to post reviews, but it’s late :(

Photos before corrective jaw surgery:

After underbite correction surgery:

The day of surgery (June 30th, 2014):

Owing to analgesics, I didn’t feel pain that much, but it was a very hard time because I was very sleepy and felt like urinating all the time and suffocating. However, nurses took care of me very well, so I was able to endure the time comfortably.

Can you see the peace sign that I made with my fingers?
Facilities were good~ Nurses provided everything that I needed~
Nurses suctioned sputum and nasal discharge every two hours and changed the cold facial pack.

The 2nd day after orthognathic surgery (July 1st, 2014):

I took off the facial compression garment and got rid of urine catheter and Hemovac drain.
Wafers made from plastic were located between upper and lower teeth, and I was taught how to wear wafers in the right way. It was difficult a little!
For the first time in my life, my lower teeth palate was behind my upper one! It was unusual to me, and it was very awkward.
A nurse wiped out my face and put a mask sheet on the face.

On the day, I was taught how to do by myself:
Putting on and taking off facial compression garment, changing the cold (ice) pack to apply on the face, drinking water, gargling, going to the restroom, taking meals with a spoon, taking out of the wafers before eating, putting on the wafers in the right position after gargling, exercising in the hospital!

My sister drew this for me to cheer me up :D

“Don’t judge me. I was born to be awesome not perfect.”
My cheeks are flushed due to prolonged application of the ice pack.

The 3rd day after two-jaw surgery (2nd of July, 2014):


A nurse wiped out my face and applied a mask sheet on the jaw line.
I’ve never seen this kind of mask sheet before, so it was very interesting!
I have no idea what to eat when I go back home, so I bought a box of Medicare.
ID Hospital provided me with a ride and took me in front of my home. I did appreciate the car limousine service.
Furthermore, I got a box of pumpkin juice for free~ Thanks a lot!

 I wanted to stay in the hospital one more day because it was very comfortable without any discomforts, but my condition wasn’t bad, so I had to go to home :(

The 4th – 7th day after orthognathic surgery (the 1st week):



 The 8th – 14th day after underbite correction surgery (the 2nd week):

I went ID Dermatology and got facial swelling care. At ID Hospital, I was taught how to take off and brush the wafers. I bought a cute, small tooth brush.



The 15th – 21st day after double jaw surgery (the 3rd week):

I got facial swelling care. The stitches were removed and the eight screws were removed from the gum T.T
I tried my best to smile as natural as possible.
Now, I can open my mouth by only one finger. I need to open my mouth by two fingers by July 29th for bracing, so I’m doing jaw exercise for 20 minutes, 3 times a day.


The 22nd – 30th day after corrective jaw surgery (the 4th week):

I ate raw beef and steamed pig feet. Of course, I can’t chew or bite, though.
I can brush my teeth well, even the molars, and open my mouth by two fingers :)

I got the fourth facial swelling care.
It was the last service, so I was sad a little... T.T




The 29th day (July 28th, 2014):

I went to ID Dentist. I could open my mouth a lot.
I don’t need to wear the wafers anymore, but rubber bands were applied, instead of the wafers.
When a nurse was about to threw away the wafers, I asked the nurse, “Can I have them?” because I grew attached to the wafers after spending a long time with them.
Finally, I saw the before and after X-rays. I could tell the difference on the X-ray! So happy!
I love the brand-new braces~!


The treatment doctor said that I can use in frontal teeth little by little, but I’m still scared to use them, so I cut food in very small pieces and swallow them.

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