Monday, July 14, 2014

Crooked jaw, protruding jaw can be corrected through the ID’s First-Surgery Approach orthognathic surgery

Do you want to see what double jaw surgery can do? Take a look at the great result of before and after double jaw surgery photos of a patient who had a crooked jaw and under bite. 

[Frontal photos before and after corrective jaw surgery]

[Profile photos before and after corrective jaw surgery]

Then, what is the First-Surgery Approach orthognathic surgery?

Before Dr. Sang Hoon Park introduced the First-Surgery Approach orthognathic surgery in this country, orthodontic treatment used to be applied prior to a double jaw surgery for years. So, those who wanted to have corrective jaw surgery should spend years in bracing as for preparation. Also, bracing before surgery sometimes deteriorated mandibular prognathism, resulting in psychological distress.

Therefore, Dr. Park came up with an idea of skipping pre-surgery orthodontic treatment for patient’s sake and named the procedure as ‘First-Surgery Approach.’ The First-Surgery Approach orthognathic surgery is possible through skillful oral and maxillofacial plastic surgeons and state-of-the-art medical equipment.

This new, advanced method has been favored because it greatly reduces the whole treatment period, enables patients to return their normal routines soon after surgery, and innovatively upgrades the level of orthognathic surgery in Korea.

So, if you suffer from jaw deformities, why don’t you visit the following website and share your concerns with the professional online consultant? You can also provide your photos on which virtual plastic surgeries to be applied on the photos in order to have an idea how you are going to look after having double jaw surgery.

- Online Consultation:

Another results of double jaw surgery to correct bimaxillary prognathism (mouth protrusion).

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