Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Perfect Nose Profile - Barbie-line Rhinoplasty

Beautiful celebrities are often called “Barbie dolls,” and Barbie dolls become the standard of beauty of those who decide to have plastic surgeries.

As for a perfect facial ratio, the line of nose profile is the most important. A relative effect of a slimmer, smaller, and dimensional face can be achieved through rhinoplasty.

Through Barbie-line rhinoplasty, an ideal nose profile can be obtained. Barbie-line rhinoplasty pursues a c-curved nose with the tip naturally pointing up a little, not to the extent that the nose looks upturned.

This great result can be achieved by using different implants for the different nasal parts. On the nasal dorsum, Goretex or silicone implants is inserted to achieve smooth and straight nose line. On the other hand, one’s own nasal septum and/or ear cartilage are used for nasal tip plasty, so nose looks much more natural, compared to the use of foreign implants for the tip. Moreover, an individual’s desired shape and height can be realized because two kinds of cartilages are used for the tip.

An exact diagnosis and surgical plans are as important as the method of surgery. These days, 3D scanner anticipates the result of a nose job and calculates the best matched shape of nose and the thickness of nasal dorsum for each patient. Cute and sexy nose as a result of Barbie-line rhinoplasty can be only achieved through thorough surgical plans and countless clinical experiences of rhinoplasty specialists.

Dr. Seung-il Chung also mentioned that “People normally come up with the line of nose only when they think about nose surgery. In order to achieve a natural result, however, the forehead profile and the extent of lip protrusion should be analyzed. Based on the analyses, a customized implant should be designed. In addition, it is very important to obtain an ideal profile, especially natural nose line, which goes well with one’s facial contour by using different implants on the nasal dorsum and at the nasal tip.”

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