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Indonesian undergoing breast augmentation and blepharoplasty in South Korea! - boob job, breast surgery, breast augmentation, under eye fat removal, blepharoplasty

Name: Riscka
Country: Switzerland
Symptom: Under eye bag and small breasts 
Surgery: Lower-eye fat removal and breast augmentation

ID Hospital definitely left a great first impression to me.
The staff members at the hospital were very welcoming and the building was modern and big. For those who don’t speak Korean, ID Hospital has amazing translators who speak perfect English. They are always there to assist you. I was very excited and felt more confident towards my surgery once I arrived at ID Hospital.

So the surgery began and after the surgery, I was eager to get out of the bed to see my breasts for the first time so I took this selfie even though I was in so much pain.
I definitely had pain in my chest and my breasts and felt like they were ready to explode at any second haha. This of course was normal but I didn’t actually think about the pain I would be in before the surgery. But still, I’m definitely happy to see my new breasts.

Day 1 after surgery
The fats under my eyes were repositioned to remove the bags.
I only had to stay over one night at the hospital after surgery and was allowed to go back to the hotel the next day. I was surprised because I didn’t actually feel any pain around my eyes. The swellings didn’t scare me at all and also the bruises, but it looked more like if I had some fun at a Fight Club the night before :D lol.

Day 2

Day 3
 Day 2 and 3 were the resting days. I couldn’t do much on the second and third day other than watching television and face timing my family to let them know that the surgery went well. However I was so happy to imagine myself going on shopping for new clothes and bikinis as I was so ready for this summer! This really helped to forget about the pain for a while :D. But it was still difficult for me to lift the arms on the third day.

My left breast softened a little and looked better. I could move my left arm better than the previous days. My right breast was more swollen and felt very heavy.

Day 5
 The bruises slowly faded away nicely. I can’t wash my hair so I put on my favorite wig and big shades. I decided to get out of the room to go visit Namsangol Hanok Village. It was quite difficult for me because I actually had to walk a lot but was too bored to just stay in the hotel room hahaha. And I didn’t want to waste the times during my stay in Korea not doing anything!

Day 7
Hey look! I was able to blow dry my hair on my own, lifting my arms!

Day 7 was my last day to visit ID Hospital to have the last checkup with the doctor who performed my surgery. Also it was the day to remove the stitches under my arms. I don’t know why I’m not smiling in this picture haha but I do remember that I was very excited to get the stitches removed.

Day 8
   The bruises definitely faded nicely, still swollen but it already looked better. And I could finally wear my favorite pair of eye lashes.

Day 11
I'm back in Switzerland and the power of makeup still couldn't hide the dark bruises. My breasts feel better and I can move both my arms nicely but not perfectly. Now, I'm back to my daily routine. My chest feels heavier at night and I often get pins and needles on my breasts if I move too much or when getting out of bed in the morning.

2 Weeks
The swelling definitely lessened along with the pain and I'm able to do more things. I can see how my breasts are slowly showing their shapes. The lower part has started to soften whereas the upper part is still quite hard. I can sleep sideways now but my breasts feel heavy if lay on my back for too long.

Day 15
It was a good decision for me to have the incision under my armpit and Dr. Hwang did a great job with the stitches.

Day 17
No more tired looking eyes and no more comments of "Didn't you get enough sleep last night?" from my friends. I'm very happy with the results. Thank you ID hospital and Dr. Hwang. You really helped me gaining my confidence back and I definitely feel more comfortable with my eyes. Everyone compliments me about how fresher I look now after surgery.

4 Months after surgery
This was the first time visiting nudist beach. It was so nice and I was so confident to go topless!! It was such a great feeling :D

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