Thursday, December 13, 2018

Famous Korean tattooist Lina Ahn looking gorgeous as ever…4 years after surgery!

Lina Ahn is a famous Korean tattoo artist, and four years ago she had a few plastic surgeries at ID Hospital

The thing that differentiates her from many people is her love of tattoos and prior to surgery, she had a very masculine vibe.

Although naturally petite, she felt that her facial features and body were too masculine.

She decided to have plastic surgery in order to look for feminine.

This was 2014, and four years later, she is still gorgeous!

Curious to see what she looked like before?

Lina Ahn's Surgery Review

Before surgery 

I am Lina Ahn, a tattooist in Seoul, South Korea.

I have always been so insecure about my breasts and feel very self-conscious when I go to the beach. I really wanted to get surgery to have a more feminine body.

My eyelids are asymmetric so I keep to myself mostly because of my insecurities.

Since I don’t have any experience with plastic surgery, I did a lot of research online and asked my friends, decided to go to ID Hospital for a consultation.

I was planning on getting my eyes done, but they also recommended rhinoplasty to balance my facial features, so I went ahead with those three surgeries.

2 weeks after

I got a breast augmentation with armpit incision; teardrop shaped implants for a natural look.

So far, I really love the results. I still have a bit of swelling on my eyes and nose, but they will reduce as the time goes by.

2 months after

Since getting surgery I feel so feminine. I can wear low cut tops, bikinis, and pretty bras.

My clothing style is slowly changing and I am growing out my hair so I can look totally feminine.

3 months after

I do not need too much makeup, as my eyes are bigger, less is more.

My nose looks sharper and my eyes look big! I look like a whole new person. 

I never thought it is possible to look different by just changing the eyes and nose, but I am a living example that it is possible!

6 months after surgery 

My breasts become softer as they heal and I really love how natural they look. 

During my follow-up, the doctor and nurses couldn’t believe that I am the same person who came here six months ago.

The changes are so drastic and I feel so confident with my new look. 

1 year after surgery

I finally went to the beach! In my swimming suit and I really enjoyed my time, and felt so confident. 

I have been very open about my plastic surgeries because I believe in being honest. A lot of people message me and ask me about my surgery. 

I am totally satisfied with my surgery results and I am glad I chose ID Hospital for my surgeries.

4 years after surgery

I have been able to maintain my surgery results and look and feel amazing. 

I have been through so many changes but I look and feel amazing!

Thank you ID Hospital~

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