Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Famous Korean Ulzzang, Han Areum Songi

Ulzzang is a popular South Korean term literally meaning "best face" or "good-looking".
They are very famous among teenagers in Korea, and the teenagers idolize ‘Ulzzang’ as they have ideal appearance.

Photo of Han Areum Songi as ID Hospital's model 

Han Areum Songi, one of well-know Ulzzang, had gone through number of plastic surgeries, and however was not satisfied until she met ID Hospital.

Photo of Han Areum Songi before her first plastic surgery

Han Areum Songi after her first plastic surgery at other plastic surgery clinic (Eye lids, nose)

Thus Han Areum Songi, started to look for another plastic hospital,
and finally she met ID Hospital that can make her satisfied!

Left corner-before surgeries at ID Hospital/Right-After surgeries at ID Hospital

Photo of Han Areum Songi with ID's doctors

She’s done revision rhinoplasty, square jaw surgery and cheek bone surgery at ID Hospital
She said that after her first rhinoplasty, she was not satisfied with her nose.
Now she is very satisfied with her new nose!


Before and After photos of Han Areum Songi's surgery at ID Hospital

Do you see the difference? Her nose became much more feminine,
and her face looks so small and slim!

Photo of Han Areum Songi before ID Hospital's breast augmentation surgery

She was also concerned that she had such a flat breast as she was too skinny.
Thus she decided to do breast surgery at ID Hospital as well!

Photo of Han Areum Songi as ID Hospital's breast augmentation surgery model

Now, Songi has more defined body line after ID Hospital’s breast augmentation surgery
using tear drop implant!

  Photos of Han Areum Songi as ID Hospital's model

Han Areum Songi is currently a model of ID Hospital after experiencing
satisfying result at ID Hospital!

Photos of Han Areum Songi as ID Hospital's model

Here’s one of ID Hospital’s video that she is featuring~

Photo of Han Areum Songi from her facebook

Han Areum Songi is also working as a fitting model of her own internet shopping mall.
She's now have so much confidence in her appearance and is
very happy now after meeting ID Hospital!

Real people, real results

ID Hospital, where happier faces are discovered.
(From facial bone to eyes and nose plastic surgery)

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