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FAQ Facial Bone Contouring! Everything you need to know!

FAQ about Facial Contouring

 So what is V Line Surgery?

 Medically speaking, it consists of combined procedures: mandible reduction + genioplasty. In other words, square/wide jaw line reduction and chin surgery will be performed simultaneously in order to create a beautifully defined jaw line from top to bottom.

Patients who wish for a more petite, feminine, and/or balanced facial contour are recommended this surgery. 

  Isn't facial bone surgery dangerous?

 They will take a CT X Ray scan and find the exact location of the nerves in your face. For the v Line surgery, there are two around the chin area that should never be touched, so the doctors find them to avoid any complications. The surgery will be about three hours and you will be sedated completely. Through osteotomy they will cut and shave the bone according to how you want it and according to their professional opinion based on the harmony of your facial structure~ Incisions will be made in the mouth, so you don't need to worry about scars.

 How is facial bone surgery performed?

 In terms of the frontal view, we will balance your side and front view by osteotomizing your bone in a way that projects the absolute best look for you from the side view, frontal view, a 45 degree angle view, as well as looking upward and downward.

Incisions will be made along the upper and lower gum line so no scares will be present from the exterior.

 What kind of face can I expect after undergoing ID Facial Bone Contouring?

 We will also reshape your chin so that it is more defined and pronounced. Through genioplasty (chin augmentation), we will create a chin for you that fits well with the harmony of your other lovely facial features. We will either make the chin longer, shorter, more inward, or more outward for you. This can all be decided by you and the doctor.

  I have an asymmetric face. Can this be improved by facial contouring, without two jaw surgery?

 An asymmetric face can be one of the most difficult problems to correct since the natural human face is, of course, asymmetric. However, great improvements can be made through surgeries and other procedures. 

Certain surgeries such as V Line Square Jaw Surgery can greatly improve asymmetry if the patient is not experiencing any problematic jaw joint or bite issues. After a full X-Ray / CT scan, the doctor will be able to distinguish whether the patient's asymmetry is caused either from excessive muscle or bone. 

If you have bad chewing problems, the muscle on one side of your jaw line may experience an overgrowth that can be treated through botox injection or Volume Mandible Angle Reduction. However, if the problem turns out to be bone asymmetry, then V Line Square Jaw Surgery will be effective in improving the facial balance.

 Will square jaw come back in time after surgery?

 Botox injection paralyzes the muscle, not kill it. Therefore, lasting about 6 months to 1 year. However, through surgery, there is no chance of recurrence since the bone is surgically and permanently removed.

After a thorough examination by the doctor and medical staff along with a state-of-the-art X-Ray and CT scan, ID Hospital will help you achieve the most defined, beautiful jaw line.

 How long is the recovery period for facial bone contouring?

  Post-op examination check-ups will be required every few days, but you can go back to your daily life within two to three days following the surgery. 

Major bruising will be gone by the one week mark, but the patient should expect to be public-eye ready by the 12th day post-op. However some swelling will still be present. 

The patient will also be instructed to adhere from any salty, spicy, greasy, and oily foods and will also be instructed to sleep with his/her head elevated above their heart in order to minimize any unnecessary additional welling.

 Is the hospitalization necessary?

 Hospitalization is not necessary, but foreigner patients will be hospitalized and monitored around the clock for the first night to ensure the patient's safest and full recovery from the anesthesia once they are discharged. 

 My jaw is actually not square-shaped, but not very slim either. What surgery do I need?

 Mini V Line Surgery is ideal for patients who have a slim jaw line but wide, short, long, or receded chin. 

Mini v line surgery basically deals with the tip of chin and part of the mandible. A patient's chin will be cut in T shape (T-osteotomy), and the middle bone will be removed and side bones will be fixed with titanium pins. The sides bone can be cut in different extent to correct asymmetry. Also, when the gathered side bone is attached to the upper bone, it can repositioned forward or backward - this is how mini v line surgery corrects a receding chin or mandibular prognathism (protruding chin). Please refer yourself to the following website (http://eng.idhospital.com/face/face0304.php) for better understanding.

 What is cheekbone reduction and why do we need it?

 Zygoma is composed of three parts: frontal, 45 degree, and side cheekbone. Frontal cheekbone is untouchable because important nerves go though these areas. Many other plastic hospitals make a cut on 45 degree zygoma close to side zygoma, so the most protruding parts usually remain. However, ID hospital cut zygoma as L shape, covering up the overall 45 degree zygoma, so protruding zygoma can be effectively reduced.
Please refer yourself to the following website: http://eng.idhospital.com/face/face04.php.

 How long do I need to stay in Korea?

 For most facial bone contouring surgery, the patient can expect to stay in Korea for about 14-15 days following the surgery date. This will be enough time for the patient to follow up on all post-op treatments and remove the stitches in Korea.

If the patient wants to leave quickly, then we recommend that the patient stays at least 7-8 days from the surgery date, but will be required to remove the stitches in their own country on the third week post-op. Additional charges may apply.

 I hear Botox can make my jaw look slimmer. Do I still need surgery?

 If your jaw looks wide due to strong masseter muscle, you would benefit from Botox. Most people don't know, but people who appear to have a wide or big face isn't always because of facial bone problem. It is quite common for overgrowth of muscles to give the face a wider, more broad appeal. In this case, botox injection is what the patient will need in order to soften and slim down the jaw line, not facial bone contouring surgery.

 Will there be any foreign objects inserted during facial bone contouring surgery?

 The only foreign object inserted will be titanium pins. These are the same exact pins used at medical hospitals when we break a bone. Titanium pins are also used during teeth implant procedures.

Pins are necessary for the bone fixation to ensure the shifted cheekbones don’t move and settle down safely. Bone will be recover within 3 months after surgery and will become very hard due to callus formation. 

 What is the difference between T-osteotomy and Rotational Bone Cutting method?

 Rotational bone cutting is a procedure that trims protruding bone all the way to the tip of chin to create natural result. By using this method, prominent mandible angle can be reduced, however, sharp V shaped chin cannot be created. 

Dr. Park, the chief plastic surgeon of ID hospital, is the one who invented T-osteotomy as a step for (mini) v-line surgery for more dramatic and slimmer jaw line from the frontal view.

T shape (T-osteotomy), the middle bone will be removed and side bones will be fixed with titanium pins. The sides bone can be cut in different extent to correct asymmetry. Also, when the gathered side bone is attached to the upper bone, it can repositioned forward or backward - this is how we correct a receding chin or mandibular prognathism (protruding chin). Please refer yourself to the following website (http://eng.idhospital.com/face/face0304.php) for better understanding.

 When can I undergo revision surgery?

 If the first surgery was not satisfactory and revision surgery is being considered, then the patient needs to wait at least 6 months until the damaged soft tissues have recovered enough to be reworked on again. With each surgery that follows the first, soft tissues will become more damaged compared to the first surgery, thus a well-experienced and skillful surgeon is required in order to avoid a second or third surgery.

 When will I be public-eye ready?

 At about twelve days  days. Most of the bruising will be gone within 10 days and most of the major swelling will have settled down by the 2 week mark. You will still have noticeable swelling, but you can tell your friends you removed your wisdom teeth and they will surely believe it! After about a month, 70% of the swelling will be gone.

 I need to have revision surgery but I’m worried about unnatural results.

 If the patient wishes to undergo revision surgery, we recommend waiting at least a minimum of 6 months. With each surgery that is performed, more and more soft tissue becomes damaged in the region. If the soft tissues become too damaged with the number of surgeries, then the area may either become inoperable or look stiff. It is critical that the patient chooses the doctor right the first time to reduce the risk of revision surgery. 

If the patient must undergo revision, then a revision specialist must be contacted instead since revision cases are far more complex and intricate. Unlike other hospitals, we have doctors who are experts in revision surgery each specialized in their own field. We will give you the best look that is natural and well-balanced with the harmony of your face.

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ID hospital korea review
ID hospital korea review

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